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Author Topic: ISSA_Bellla Colchester  (Read 764 times)

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I saw Issa yesterday, she's been on my HL for a long time. Managed to make a booking with her, but traffic issues both along the A12 and in Colchester itself meant I arrived 30 minutes later than originally planned. However I kept her constantly updated, so Issa took everything in her stride and was still ok to see me despite being late.

The flat itself is quite nice and clean. Nice rooms with a chair to place your clothes on, bed is a bit lumpy, but the bathroom is very clean with a nice range toiletries to use. And there is car parking, anyone planning to visit for the first time should be aware that you will be directed to a particular space and should adhere to the directions.

Issa is a gorgeous girl, the same as the profile pictures on AW. She greets you in nice underwear and a lovely smile, maintaining eye contact throughout the introduction, and you cannot help but be fixated on her. She was wearing high heels and when she takes them off she is possibly 5' 4", but she is definitely a shapely size 8 with good breasts for her slender frame. She wears make up but I don't think it was piled on whereby it transfers to you during the punt.

Her service is one of the best I have had. Real DFK given throughout. OWO expertly given (I paid the extra £20, well worth it), will lick your balls quite happily, loves to receive oral, she's very tactile, occasionally keeping eye contact with you to at least give the illusion she's interested in you, thus heightening the session. Another major plus point is her own personal hygeine, her pussy tastes divine!

It was great meeting her and I will definitely see Issa again.

27 review(s) found for Beauty_ISSA linked to in above post (27 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Nice review Mr SP - I saw her friend Ay a few months ago but Issa did keep me company for 5 mins before the girl got ready - very pretty and petite and a great smile - excellent small frame and a cutie - both girls very good looking - at least a 8.5/10 and great beauty from both girls -

Shame I am a 4 hour round trip otherwise I would be back in a flash!!

But I am next in Colchester area in 2-3 months so hope see BOTH girls if time permits - not together but looking at seeing 1 of the girls before my meet - go to my meeting and then after go back to see girl 2 - so all good with the 2 hour break in between,

Cannot wait

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