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Author Topic: Elegant Emilia - Leeds  (Read 3188 times)

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Half an hour booking via AW.

https://www.adultwork.com/2347301 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elegant+Emilia

A very quick review which is apt because I didn't last long on this occasion.

From AW I contacted Emilia via text first and also called her on the morning to confirm. Meet was at a flat just behind Leeds train station, literally two minutes walk in one of the new apartment blocks. Easy to find by car, nearby street parking, pay at meter. Busy area but discreet and safe. Excellent and simple instructions from Emilia.

Emilia was wearing a short black dress. Very slim and pretty, greeted me with a smile and a kiss, an excellent first impression. She looked nothing like I imagined from the few free gallery pictures on AW. A little taller than I expected, her hair a bit shorter as well and more like light brown or fair. Age wise, well I'm an awful guesser but probably late 20's.

She is a very slim woman and attractive in a movie star way rather than glamour girl or porn babe. I'm a film buff and I'd say she looks like a young Susan Sarandon.

Emilia was confident and came over as very warm. I had showered and shaved but she insisted I shower again (!) so I did no with no issues. Small but cosy modern flat. MTV blasting from the TV which was fine. Drink of water offered too but declined.

After showering we got straight into it. On the bed for a quick massage which I don't normally go for but, hey, something different.  Massage was good actually and relaxed me even more. Then a bit of bum/sack tickling. I turned over, she undressed more to reveal her fantastic nice breasts (not too big or small). Brilliant hand job and prep for OWO. But then she turned around for 69 position and continued to stroke my cock. It was now that I was starting feel the urge to pop already. I have always been a quick popper anyway but I've had a good run this year where I've managed to control myself. This time I knew it was going to be back to the old ways so nothing new or anything to worry about.

I stopped her for a change and asked her to lie down so I could get my hands on her body, legs, and pert arse (also not too big or small). She turned over on to her back, I was rubbing her pussy by now and getting in position for some oral. But I knew the urge was uncontrollable and I popped all over her chest. The release felt amazing probably because it's better than coming inside a condom.

So I didn't get any oral or penetration. A first for me on a punt and obviously some disappointment that I didn't last long enough for some proper sex. No idea why but no regrets whatsover. I had an excellent time and was actually laughing with joy (rather than embarrassment) when I came which I think Emilia understood.

Although just a slow wank-off this time, which was all down to me, next time I'll stick to plan A and get the oral then doggy action from the start. It's just that I like the touchy feely stuff (aka foreplay) but this time I wasn't able to control myself.

Time was up so quick shower, got dressed and out.

Overall score, for a quality GFE meeting, 7/10.

2 review(s) found for Elegant Emilia linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline bod666

Thanks for the review Jack - what was the kissing like? Just lip pecks or proper snogs?

Thanks for the review Jack - what was the kissing like? Just lip pecks or proper snogs?

Both on offer, very nice too.

She looked nothing like I imagined from the few free gallery pictures on AW.

That'll be because her pics are all grabbed from the internet.   For example use tineye.com for this image

Offline stevedave

Interesting first post there, marmalade17! Resurrecting such as old thread  :scare:

Welcome to the forum...

i walked on her some time ago as she was to old for me i did mention it in another thread. maybe i should post a negative review so others know...


I saw her in June. Yes the photos are totally inaccurate. Yes she is a good 10 years older. But she did everything on her likes list, great cowgirl and she pressed my buttons cos she is a blonde pocket rocket. She absolutely squeals when she gets herself off in cowgirl.

Blonde pocket rocket = can hold her with one arm while sitting in a chair and bouncing her on your cock.

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