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Author Topic: Antonia of Diamonds of Newcastle  (Read 2803 times)

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Offline Philbiao1


Feeling bored and horny in town today I scoured the usual sites and came up with nothing but a couple of girls on the Diamonds website. I used to use Diamonds a lot before Amour took over as my "go to" agency but the abundance of bad press put me off them. However, desperate times and all that.

I called up and enquired if Antonia was available, I remember her unblurred pic and although she didn't appear "drop dead gorgeous" she had a certain "steely Ice Maiden" look about her. Luckily she was available and I soon found myself knocking on her city centre apartment door.

Antonia is striking to look at, she towered over me in her heels and was wearing pretty much the outfit in her profile picture. So, paperwork sorted, she proceeded to snog my face off, before we mutually undressed and she sunk to her knees and took me into her mouth for some awesome OWO. It was soft and gentle at first before she got into her stride. The eye contact was immense.

Onto the bed for a brilliant prolonged 69 where she squirmed and moaned (for my benefit no doubt) and she had me on edge on several ocassions. I literally had to will my cum back into my balls. On with the mac, cowgirl where she shuddered, mish where she screamed the house down, doggy where she twisted and groaned grabbing the sheets, before more oral and finish.

She warned me she didn't swallow but she was more than happy to take part CIM part facial, some of it went up her nose but she carried on like a pornstar, letting me drip down her face, onto her boobs and legs. Outstanding.

I was conscious of the time but she told me that I didn't have to hurry to get dressed which was the icing on a wonderful, horny, cake.

I can't fault her at all and I will certainly return for round 2 and beyond.

Offline johnny34

Thanks for the review.

Hope to see her later if i can find the time.

Offline Philbiao1

She's defo worth the effort and I'm glad I gave Diamonds a call.

Offline Philbiao1

Second visit to Antonia today following my cancelled duo with Eva and Lily.

It was another fantastic appointment. Superb blow job, plenty of French kissing, and for the first time in years I came inside a condom. She knew I had cum but she carried on shagging me which was both awesome and slightly concerning (spillage and that).

Fantastic girl.

Offline toon972

Yep,I saw her Friday and completely agree well worth seeing.She reminded me of those Amazon women.I told her she had a ' cracking body' and then realised I was talking to a Polish woman,but she has been her 4 year and understood every word.She is back off to Poland in new year,but is coming back after that.

I really need to get  booked before she goes home!

Offline jonalpha

Antonia is so polite as well. At the end I started to get dressed and Antonia says "I hope you don't think I'm rude but I won't get dressed as I will be showering in a moment" I didn't object and Antonia sat there in the buff while we chatted and I dressed continuing to marvel at her beautiful, slim body.

Offline johnny34

Thanks for the review.

Hope to see her later if i can find the time.

Thanks to this review i did in fact find the time.

Antonia started things off by dropping to her knees & removing my pants, she then started a great bj with good eye contact. This bj turned into a gentle face-fucking before finally moving onto the bed. The rest is similar the the op's review.
Great attitude & great body, especially if you like em tall  :yahoo:

Offline Highlander

Does sound good but the tall thing is the only reason I've not booked her yet. She sounds like a bit of a giraffe?! I'm going through a bit of a petite phase at the min. Really liking a girl who I can just lift up and pound with her legs wrapped round me, saw a few recently like that.

Offline Philbiao1

She is quite tall and towered above me when in heels. However, once horizontal it was nothing but magic.  :lol:

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