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Author Topic: Stocks & Chains - retired?  (Read 1636 times)

Offline japseyeuk

Does anyone know if Fran based in Ferryhill has retired? She has been my regular escort for the last few years. Surprisingly there has only been mention of her in a couple of threads and no reviews of her, which is strange has she was one of the highest rated escorts on AW in the north east.

Anyway I was due to see her on Thursday, couldn't make it, tried to rebook and her profile has disappeared. Unusually she hasn't answered any phone calls or texts. I've never known her to take her profile down for holidays etc. so fear she might have retired?

Anyone know anything?

Offline japseyeuk


Despite having more than 400 reviews on AW I can't believe none here has seen her or knows what has happened to her.

Offline ride4fun

I have just seen your post. I used to see her. Too and would love to see her again but looks like ahe haa finished doing it.

Offline japseyeuk

Her mobile hasn't been unregistered so there's still hope. I keep leaving the odd voicemail and text just to see if she picks it up. No luck yet :(

Offline ride4fun

HHave you had any joy. And have you managed to find someone nee as I am struggling to find anyone as good.

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