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Author Topic: Advice and tips for couples looking for escort/WG  (Read 562 times)


New to the forum but thought I would share experience of booking WG as a couple since it was reading all the reviews here that led to an amazing first time a few weeks back. I had searched for posts on the topic but there was very little advice so hopefully this will help others. (Also some might be interested to hear from a lady's perspective.)

We were interested in having another girl join us but for various reasons sex/swingers parties are out of the question.  So as a first step we had gone to a few lapdancing clubs, where we had a lot of fun with private dances and in private rooms.  I would recommend this to ladies to see if you are really into it or prefer the realm of fantasy!  (I have zero experience with women). They don't usually get couples and we got lots of attention and it was always a really good night.  If you enjoy then you are ready for next stage...

I did all the choosing and all contact. I obviously know my boyfriend well enough to know what he likes and tried to find a compromise between what we both wanted! Some couples might like choosing together but I liked the element of surprising him on the night with how fit she was and being in control.  I think being in charge of booking etc. could help anyone worried about any insecurities after.  For example he doesn't even know what AW is so I know he is not looking at her photos or trying to contact her...

There is a lot of discussion about how to choose someone who is truly bi. I went for a well reviewed girl who said she welcomed couples and I know has participated in FFM threesomes with people from this site. I also told her my BF would just want to watch us together for a bit and would she be OK with that to double check. In terms of extra charge for couples we paid about 1.5 her usual rate in total, not double. I think that was fair.  I didn't consider going to an agency, I just read the reviews on here.  As it is a special occasion, I didn't really have budget in mind, just went for who I liked.  I guess couples may want to think about age...she was 10 years younger than us but I look younger so I wasn't worried about comparison.  I can see that people might want to go for someone nearer their age though.

I was surprised at delays in communication but think that is par for the course. I understand now that they get so many texts it's hard to remember who everyone is and what they are asking.  I didn't want to join AW but she asked me to contact her through that and was fine in the end. I thought it would count against me having a new account and zero feedback - but I just explained I had just created account and it was our first time doing anything like this. I'm quite an organised person so didn't really like waiting for texts/emails and then for the address on day but my advice is not to worry about delays and be patient. 

I was really worried about safety. Thought it would be awkward to bring up wanting to change condoms between BF being with her and me and felt anxious about it.  In the end this was instigated by her so I didn't have anything to worry about.  She also put a condom on her vibrator when she used it on me.  So I was really pleased when I saw that and much more confident on the health stuff.  I worried about OWO and RO but in the end just decided it was worth the risk.  I have no advice on that, up to individual couple.

I took my own toy to use while watching.  Would also recommend if you are particular!

Think about what you want her to wear and ask for that.  Also take things to change into there if you want for yourself.  We didn't want her answering the door in anything too over the top.

I am guessing you are very open and have good relationship with BF if you are considering this, but be clear on your boundaries before you go in.  Also think about what you definitely do want to do!

Even though we all got on brilliantly, small talk can be a bit awkward when there's three of you, think it's probably easier to just smile and chat 1-2-1, but you just get over that and it's fine.

Go for drink/dinner after to talk and enjoy (and carry on talking about it for weeks after!).  Have a few relaxed drinks before going too!

Final thoughts:
It was completely beyond my expectations and we will do it again with same WG (so am not going to do a review because it will be really obvious to her who I am).   


Some good point made - care to post a link of the girl in question? and /or perhaps do a review?

Offline jsparky

Is it coincidence or what? Or just term times? There seem to be a few queries or review about 3somes, just a few day ago, some guys asking for review of specific girls on maxangels for 3somes, now this? Just smell like trolling.

Ha, password funny you should reply because yours was one of the reviews I read. She's definitely one of your favourites so no new discovery for you sorry!

To be honest after the other responses I dont really want to give any more details. I have tried to be really factual, neutral and base it on my experience. I don't want to be accused of trying to promote anyone. I hope it does help other couples who have questions.

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