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Author Topic: Camilla - West Sussex  (Read 792 times)

Offline kevster14

This is a long shot, but here goes.

Until a couple of years ago there was a "mode"l on Southern Charms named "Sexy Camilla" or sometimes just "Camilla". She would be about mid 50's now I would guess. Used to be based in Southwater, Sussex.

Always wanted to meet this lady but sadly never got the opportunity.  I've been crawling through the web for weeks trying to find something about her with no luck. Does anyone know her current name or whereabouts ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Offline kevster14

I would show a picture to help jog someone's memory, but I believe Southern Charms take a dim view of any website containing one of their photos.
Banning reason: Creating multiple accounts (discokidroy)

Perhaps this ought to be in the 'South East' section instead of 'London'?

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