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Author Topic: English Katie in Derby  (Read 966 times)

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Has anybody had experience with this girl? Photos dont show much skin and feedback is mixed. Too be fair the negatives are meetings let down then the ones who have actually seen her. her services and prices look reasonable but no mention if they are included

Offline imran1234

sorry read profile further services are all included but at discretion (which means they are not included lol!).

Anybody seen this girl ? would like to know how it went

Offline Taggart

Cant help in your request, but personally I would not see someone with such poor image that give little away as to the body shaped and condition under the LBD. Regardless of services offered.

Also note the tummy area - pregnant or recent motherhood? Bit of a podge for a teenager?

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why would a genuine independent 19 year old with a great figure offer ALL services including bareback for £100. 

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