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Author Topic: Stunner Edinburgh  (Read 2604 times)

Offline pete-piper


What a stunner this one is.

She's Romanian but might be worth a visit just to say you shagged her!

20 review(s) found for LuciaLovely linked to in above post (12 positive, 2 neutral, 6 negative)

Go on take one for the team.....

Offline Whore_Monger

I booked her for earlier today but backed out, she has a nice voice but English is limited for example 1:30 was one and a half...
I can't be arsed with the poor comma especially when her likes list is very limited, she looks very nice albeit a little thin, I backed out because of the VFM factor, been there before....
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Offline grey402

She looks amazing but I can't go against my rules  :lol: neeeeee Romanians

Offline Whore_Monger

She looks amazing but I can't go against my rules  :lol: neeeeee Romanians

I was gonna go for a quickie at £50, that's like 2 weeks wages in Romania so she's getting thoroughly compensated at that but then I thought nah fuck it, most of them charge £40 and even then that's stretching it.

Now if it was an exceptional quickie....
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Offline leffub

OK, I had a look thanks to Pete Piper's reference and couldn't resist, so I called her this afternoon.

Comms - were a bit difficult but eventually I arrived. A bit too much text tag and the main door didn't work, so her cousin had to come down and let me in. This was a bit off-putting of course and I almost walked at that point but I was assured that Lucia was waiting upstairs, and so she was.

Very nice, clean and spacious flat top of Leith Walk area. Bright, and candles which is always nice as the little extras do tell a lot.

Now to the review, which might be difficult to do without being a bit fluffy.

Her cousin (who is Marissalove27 as far as I can make out) showed me into the bedroom where Lucia was waiting, dressed in peach bra and panties only, with red stripper heels which are show on her AW pictures. The room is the same bedroom as in the pictures and those pictures do not lie. This girl is the most stunning to have appeared in Edinburgh in many a year. Pictures are absolutely spot on and she is as beautiful in the flesh. Friendly, smiley, and an air of innocence which was soon explained by her performance.

During the course of out time together, she said that she had only been doing this a few days… new to Edinburgh and moving on to other pastures very soon. Her cousin has gotten her started in the biz and she is very much a learner, albeit an eager one. She undressed me nicely, and then onto the bed where things were tentative but not unenthusiastic. Light kissing, her tits once bra was removed were delightful, 32D I would say, beautifully firm and completely natural. Her body really is flawless, beautiful arse, tiny fragrant and VERY tight pussy, and lovely long hair and skin. Services though are pretty basic….. kinda poor hand job, ditto for covered oral, and when I suggested some 69 she said that she had never done it before and that I would have to teach her! (Which of course I was delighted to do….) I don't think she particularly enjoyed it though, so I suggested that we try sex and she was willing and clambered on top. I was just too big for her (not boasting here) so it was very gentle, and eventually we stopped because of this and she cuddled and asked if I wanted her to wank me which she did to completion.

I suppose it depends what you want, if you are after experience and exciting sex, maybe she would not be for you but there was a delightful child - like innocence about the whole thing and she was keen about it as well as being super friendly throughout. I wasn't really sexually satisfied but I can say that she was and is by far the most stunning prossie and if that side of things appeals then act fast and see her before she leaves very soon!


Comms - 3/10
Flat 8/10
Looks Definitely 10/10
Services 5/10
Overall experience 10/10 (Because it's one that's etched in the memory forever!)
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I also fucked her this afternoon and I agree with leffubs review. I had basically the same experience with her. Like he says, the service isn't great but she is so fucking beautiful it's worth just going for it. I'll write a review at some point in the future once I've fallen out of love with her to make sure its impartial.

Offline leffub

{Quote}I'll write a review at some point in the future once I've fallen out of love with her to make sure its impartial.

Haha McFeel, you never will fall out of love with her!!!!
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Offline jockyw

Thought that one would be a stick on for bait and switch.  I am almost tempted to break my own rule on no ee's

she does look stunning

Dammit, I'd happily go and fuck her senseless for 50 bucks if I was in Edinburgh. Couldn't give a shit about her attitude or if she doesn't speak a word of English. Not often you get a genuine girl looking like that on AW. You guys are idiots if you don't take the chance!



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