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Author Topic: Smiley Sindy - Fulham  (Read 2769 times)

39 review(s) for Smiley Sindy (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline yoko


After my disappointing punt last week i decided to make a booking with Smiley Sindy after reading a couple good reviews on here.

Texted her at midday asking if she was free at 3pm and she replied back with the info i needed.

Arrived at the location, seemed safe enough, given the 2nd bit of information and jumped in the lift.

Soon as i entered her flat i just thought wow! gorgeous, exactly just like the pictures, after a small chat of the services i wanted ect, i handed over the cash which was placed on the table and then i was offered a drink and a shower  :dance:

Now i wont blab and go on forever so ill make this simple.

Started off with some DFK and groping, in which i undressed her, then on with some foreplay followed by some reverse oral to which she shivered.. hope it was genuine! seemed like it to me then onto OWO (no swallowing), Was given a sensual massage with plenty of c swipes ect while i rested up, after a chat between ourselves we got back into action with some 69 followed by some more DFK.. Condom straight on and Sindy rode me to completion. unfortunately that was it for me as i spent the rest of my time with her playing with her breasts and talking to her. By the time i noticed the time i was already over by 10 minutes, so no clockwatching on her end and in no hurry to usher me out which all in all turned out to be a great punt for me! and ill defiantly visit again one day. I think iv included everything from the punt  :rolleyes:

1/h £100
Clean and tidy flat
Her looks resemble her pictures
Can hold a conversation and her English isn’t that bad
Great attitude
Very Decent BJ
No Clockwatching!

Think thats everything, cheers lads!  :cool:

39 review(s) found for Smiley Sindy linked to in above post (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Good to hear you had a decent punt with Sindy. Surprised to see you got a booking at such short notice as she's quite popular.  ;)


Offline SamLP

 :thumbsup: Glad you had a good punt Yoko

B&G, I've seen her a few times at short notice too

Offline davidgood

Pleased to see that Sindy has another satisfied customer.

Let us hope she stays here for a few more years before retiring back to Hungary.



SIndy is great fun, recommended

Offline Sedlmayer

A great girl - one of the best VFM out there IMHO  :drinks:

Yoko's experience chimes in with what most of us who have seen Sindy remember. The only quibble most of us would have with is "Very Decent BJ" which in my view is something of an understatement. My experience of her BJs is that they are rather special.

I have punted for 20 years and can honestly say that Sindy is in my top 5 of all time. Her BJ is very very good and the noises she makes are an extra turn on.

Offline Quesadilla

Thanks for the review.

Been in my hotlist for a while but still enjoying all the young nubiles....once I get bored a bit more experience might be nice for a change and Sindy fits the bill - and looks very fit and flexible for her age.  After my recent great VFM punt with Kate / New Polish Girl at £100 ph I've also changed my mind about paying £150 a punt so this pushes Sindy back up my ranking spreadsheet. ;)
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