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Author Topic: Alexandra-new town sauna  (Read 1846 times)

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Offline colinj

Seen her on Sunday night,she was new there and I made my mind up as soon as I set eyes on her.she was booked for a while so I got myself in the queue and got to see her at 7.30,I had a sauna and relaxed in the lounge waiting for my time.unfortunately although there were 6 ladies working that night I only caught glimpses of them as the place was extremely busy and the lounge was full of guys waiting for the next available,anyway Alexandra is a dick hardening looker,tall and slim with that dirty blonde hair look and she tops it off with wearing glasses ,she is 18 she says and she looks it alright.she takes me to her room and she starts with a shoulder and back massage for a few minutes before turning me over and sitting astride me rubbing my chest as I fondled her arse noticing she was wearing a thong under the dress.she undressed and showed me that body which is flawless ,perfect pear shaped breasts,long legs and a peachy little arse,now I like specific things in the room with my lady of choice which is frankly my business and not yours but if this girl can't float your boat then check your pulse because you are more than likely dead my friend .
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Offline sammy222

I saw her last week also.
My second good Romanian experience in a week, maybe times are a changing.....
Very good enthusiastic service for someone from her country, she is slim, size 8 I'd say, glasses is an interesting look, good DFK and OWO. Everything else pretty good.
She's not exactly fluent English speaking but gets by, and was a cut above what else was on offer looks wise.
Only negatives for me were slightly rushed, don't think she knows the difference between 45 minutes and 30 minutes, she's a smoker, and she talked about her boyfriend!
I was debating a neutral review but on balance agree with the positive and will go back

Apparently the end of ramadam makes the saunas very busy. I like the look of Alexandra too, librarian in a porn movie look, will see her soon.

Offline Haulder

Newtown is definitely on the up theses days.
I was there last week and saw Jordan who was very good.
Alexandra is definitely one for the future. Hope she sticks around.

Offline mcampbell

Have to agree - went with Alexandra and was not disappointed.

Have to agree - went with Alexandra and was not disappointed.

To paraphrase Basil Fawlty...."A good Romanian?...We ought to have her stuffed!"

Offline bbb

Thanks for the review anyway colinj, have to agree she is top notch.   :thumbsup:

I seen Alexandra Sunday night. Had a great time.Agree totally with all the above comments. She is a stunner and a really nice girl to chat with. Had an interesting chat about her breasts (which in my view are perfect) she wants them enhanced which I done my best to tell her NO they are perfect they way they are. By they way she was speaking , she looks like she could be here for a long time. Great news for us punters.Only the 3rd time ive been at Newtown and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Will defo be back .

Offline Graeme387

As a result of all the recent postings, I decided to see Alexandra yesterday at Blair Street.
Whilst I agree she is young and quite able to hold a conversation in english, I wasn't overly impressed with her quality of service.
She looks good not stunning and whilst she isn't fat, there was a wee bit timber there that a young Romanian shouldn't have.
That being said her body does look good but not stunningly good.
Suggested DATY and she wanted to put lube down there saying it would taste better, well I said no to the lube but she would have been right about the taste. Not minging but there was indeed a slight unpleasantness.
BJ was OK but general foreplay wasn't that great and she definitely lacked experience.
Claims to be 18 but I'd say early 20's

Bottom line was she didn't set me on fire and that resulted in me stopping the session and heading to Scorpio to have a go at Alina since she also had been having some decent reviews on here.

In summary, Alexandra was OK, Newtown (Hadn't been there for 25 years!) seemed clean and fresh but I'm afraid Heidi at Blair Street has not been toppled as of yet.

Offline Graeme387

Correction to above, I saw Alexandra at New Town not at Blair Street.

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