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Author Topic: kat in north shields AdultWork  (Read 2528 times)

I fancy taking advantage of her low prices.  Anyone have any comments on her

Offline Boom52

She is a big lady. Pleasant enough if your type. Sometimes does duos with Chloe of North Shields. If usual apartment It's a nice one well located and clean etc.

Never seen her solo. Check out Chloe of North Shields reviews on here. I think she gets a mention.

Chloe is cheap too - and much better escort I my opinion.

Offline Jim1

Not seen Kat but seen Chloe 3 times. Nice apartment but each appointment got shorter and shorter. Last one lasted only 18 miutes and that was from leaving car, getting to flat, waiting for her to get ready and getting back to car. Maybe not bad for the price but, if like me you have a distance to travel then think again. Also as I have said she was not ready, I was on time but they were not and had to wait in nearby car park until I got a call to say ready now. By the way they both work from same flat, so expect other arrivals when your there.

Good luck whatever you decide.
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Offline AnthG

Do you have a link to her AW profile please.

Also are you meaning Kat as in the Kit & Kat twins. If so are you sure its Kat as I thought she was in Manchester and it was Kit who was based in North Shields?

I'm guessing it's this one:

https://www.adultwork.com/599433 or https://www.adultwork.com/kat+in+north+shields

what she might lack physically, although she's lost a lot of weight recently, she makes up with her personality.  Didn't strike me as one that just wants you in and out as fast as possible.  Genuinely seems to enjoy what she does so puts plenty of effort in which is always a plus

Offline Jim1

That's the correct link ebgb. I doubt it's the same Kat that ANTHG is thnking of though. Just to clear up a little misunderstanding, I have not seen Kat. My post above refers to her flat sharer Chloe.
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Offline Boom52

I have seen Chloe very recently..no clock watching at all.

Mind...there was another client in the other bedroom being "entertained" by a Scottish lass (who is also using place when Kat not there Chloe told me) but didn't bother me at all as we never saw each other!

Offline Gothic D

I have seen them both seperately a few times over the years and have enjoyed myself.Kat is not to everyones taste but is a nice lady who I would see again.Chloe has lost a lot of weight recently and seems to have gained a bit of an attitude,I preferred the old Chloe.
I read somewhere on here that their duos are not very good.

Offline Greenman

Not had a session with kat although spoke TI her when waiting for Chloe in the immaculate apartment
Good value for money and maturity is often better then a younger glamour puss

Chloe is ok and would like to dry a duo woth them sometime

Only seen her as part of a duo but did absolutely nothing to make me want to return. A really big lass and way, way older than her profile indicates. Would guess into her 50s.

There's sexy older ladies, such as Amelia at Amour, then there's Kat. I'd rather spend the extra money and be with someone a lot better looking. And I don't particularly mind a bigger lass, so I'm not one of the size 8 brigade on here!

I saw Kat a few years ago and remember her being quite good, satisfying sex, but not a patch on Chloe, who still ranks as one of my top punts in the NE.


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