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Author Topic: Elegant Ruth  (Read 1153 times)

Offline BigBandy

A bit out of Edinburgh but has anyone seen this stunner ? Bit pricey for out of town too


Doesn't seem to be answering texts and she's read my email this morning but hasn't replied ?

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Online ik8133

I've got a funny feeling that I don't think her profile is genuine.

Offline BigBandy

Me too. Phone just rings off, doesn't answer texts or emails  :thumbsdown:

Offline Marmalade

Would anyone seriously consider paying £120 for a half hour? I had to do a double-take, thinking that was the one hour rate at first look. I go out that way sometimes, but most of East Lothian is not exactly high class (more like Greggs-ville). I threw 50p at her PG out of curiosity - not as smooth looking as the profile pic (the clothed one - anyone recognise the strip bar in teh other one? Burke & Hare?). The PG photos are a little tackier, one with heavy tats. If she has just entered the data in teh wrong boxes, I'd consider visiting her at £120 an hour though (or even better £50 for half... maybe even two half-hours cleverly stuck together for a nice round number?)

Offline Banquo

I phoned within a couple of days of the profile appearing. No answer, no call or text back.

Profile is written like an agency ad - made me think it was a pg scam.. but why bother for 50p?

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