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Author Topic: New... based in Stirling  (Read 1448 times)

Offline jeffreyl


I am new to this Board and new to Stirling, having spent a couple of years in the Midlands. I have limited experience and met a few lovely [thankfully!] ladies in the past in Birmingham. [BTW, if you visiting Brum and would like a couple of names, feel free to PM me.]

I noticed there aren't many options out there in AW. The few that I found on AW are either outcalls, requires a fair amount of travel, or slightly suspicious.  :wacko: 

Are there any ladies out in Stirling area one can recommend?  :)

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Offline jeffreyl

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Offline pilgrim

Its a bit of a punting no mans land.  Try getting on the train and traveling to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Some girls used to do the odd week there like Zoe and Sienna.  Both off the scene now.

Just keep a look out for tourers, maybe you could encourage some quality WGs from the Midlands to come up and taste the water for a week or a few days between Gla, Edin and Aberdeen?

I think the area would be great if a decent WG decided to give it a go.

Offline jeffreyl

Thank you for your comment...

I know that Coco Annabelle and Jessica_Milf are coming to Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively. I met them both, on separate occasions, in Birmingham. Don't think they would mind me saying this on UKP.

Fantastic sessions with either one of them. Look forward to them both coming up to Scotland.
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ahhhhh Zoe and Sienna - those were the days......

Offline Tjkooker

ahhhhh Zoe and Sienna - those were the days......

Tell us more about your history then. A few guys have done post listing a brief history of relevant punts for Scotland. Helps us get an idea of how genuine you are.
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I haven't done much for a while but saw Sienna a few years ago, always enthusiastic. She changed her name to something along the lines of Sexy Sara Sue when she started on her own and I saw her a couple of times with her friend Zoe. Haven't seen any trace of her for almost 1 year now but still have good memories of them. Miss Summers X is also a fav.
I joined here as I'm thinking of resurrecting my part time hobby again.

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