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Author Topic: Kellina - Outcall  (Read 694 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1708979 or https://www.adultwork.com/kellina

Hello gents, punting newbie here and a first review for me so apologies if it's a little rambling!

So I was working from home today and fancied some company.. Kellina has been on my HL for a while as I love mixed race girls, I've read a few good reviews of her and she includes owo and fk for £90 for one hour on outcall which I think isn't too steep

I texted her very early in the morning and she replied that she was free at around 2-2.30pm today and would call in a couple hours to confirm. I've never had an outcall before and was a little wary due to the fact I wasn't sure what time my gf would be coming home! But despite the risk of being caught balls deep inside a WG by the mrs, I agreed to the meet.

I then waited until about 1.15pm and heard nothing so I called her, she answered and said she was out and about and would jump on a tube and should be here at 2.30pm as agreed. I did think this was a bit odd as I'd assumed she'd have taken some time to get ready with a nice outfit at home etc before leaving, but anyway I went along with it...

Another hour went by with no contact despite me texting her the address, directions and train times etc, she then text me and did apologise for the lateness and the lack of contact due to her Whatsapp not working as she'd run out of credit... ?  I was getting a little wary as she seemed pretty unorganised and I was starting to wander if this was going to drag out and end up with me being caught by the gf!!

Anyway a couple of phone calls and texts later and she arrived at my flat, on first appearance it's definitely the girl in the photos but WOW she has definitely put on some weight since then! Profile says Dress Size 10 but I'd say more like Size 14. She is facially very good looking and has nice tits but she was wearing tonnes of make-up, was dressed in really casual jeans and simple top, she really hadn't made much effort with the outfit at all, she was also a bit sweaty from the walk from the station.

Straightaway she asked to go get changed into her stockings, I was cautious of time by this point and just wanted to get down to it but I said ok, she'd bought what she thought were stockings in tk maxx on the way here but she returned from the bathroom saying she'd made a mistake and they were actually tights... I'm thinking, "is she for real?" completely disorganised!

Anyway we kick off with some DFK which was very passionate, she's a good kisser, we moved to the bedroom and she rather awkwardly removed her clothes to reveal quite a chubby and flabby body but like I say nice tits and nice golden colour skin (she's Italian / Egyptian mix apparently!)

She had nice hard nipples that I licked and sucked with her giving quite fake moans... and after lots more kissing I got her on her knees for some owo, my favourite thing of all! And it was very good to be honest but not the best I've had. She made lots of eye contact and was pretty enthusiastic and I did really enjoy it but it wasn't Deep Throat.... I then pulled her back on the bed and removed her knickers and gave her pussy some tongue action... she has nice big juicy pussy lips! I then asked her for some more owo and ended up face fucking her whilst fingering her pussy before coming in her mouth and all over her tits... This was pretty good to be honest, I didn't realise she did cim so was pleasantly surprised when she told me to come in her mouth... She said she doesn't normally do this but felt like it this time... whatever.

We cleaned ourselves up and she said she was gonna shoot off because she was nervous my gf might come home, she'd only been there 15 mins by this point and I'd paid for an hour! It was cheeky but to be honest I was wary about the mrs coming back too and as I felt reasonably satisfied from coming in her mouth I didn't object,  and also because she's kinda fat and I didn't fancy her as much as I thought I would when viewing her profile pics... she's definitely been on the creampies! (pun intended)

So all in all I paid £90 for 15 mins of owo cim, fingering and dfk and didnt even fuck her. I couldn't decide whether this should be a neutral or negative review, but despite many of the negative points of this punt being partly my fault (i.e. booking at short notice, not having a suitable 'mrs-free' environment etc) I've decided it's gotta be a negative because I really wouldn't recommend her to anyone, she's disorganised, fat, didn't make an effort with her appearance and short-changed me on the time I paid for. I realise I wasn't assertive enough but am quite new to punting so am still learning.... but after she left I did wish I'd spent £80 on half hour incall with Rihanna04 instead! https://www.adultwork.com/1548634 or https://www.adultwork.com/rihanna04

ah well, you live and learn! I hope this review is helpful to someone!


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Sorry to hear you got massively ripped off. Granted, you being foolish enough to try to shit on your own doorstep was entirely on you ... but it was definitely her problem she arrived late and thus short-changed you of time.

On the flip side, you sound level-headed enough (for a complete newbie) since you saw this punt for what it was so I reckon you might come out all right just yet.
Edit: Thanks for sharing, welcome to UKP, and better luck in your future romps (double entendre intended.  ;))
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simple rule,
agree services and check its the girl arriving.m if she doesnt delivery on services or has gone up a few size, just let her know in advance you will be asking her to leave.
I have found 2 oe 3 girls were honest and just called it off and a couple lied and I turned them away, even though they did come to my place.
Glad you placed the report, save others from dumpy instead of the fit girl in the pics.

As you mentioned another girl and your first post... I think someone else saw this girl but didnt mention the size up.
I know she is crap at comms and doesnt turn up but kinda glad she didnt having read your report

I've met Kellina back end of October 2016.

It was bid on a RB in London and the profile looked great.  Great pics, good feedback and she said she was free so i took the plunge and accepted.

I totally agree with others on here - she is somewhat dis-organised - for example she hadn't made note of which hotel or its location and ended up getting on the wrong train.   I think the phone she uses must be basic (without data) as she was also unable to guide herself to the correct location.   Anyway all that out the way she made it without too much hassle with a little help and guidance. 

Fair to say she wears a wig and this is somewhat noticeable from her pics.   Despite others on here commenting on her weight, i can't say i really noticed.   We chatted a lot and got on really well but i had to take the plunge to reveal those gorgeous tits.  I'd see her again but next time for more action and less chat.   

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