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Author Topic: Britishdesibeautyx - Safia  (Read 9649 times)

4 review(s) for britishdesibeautyx (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline RedKettle

www.adultwork.com/2382922 or https://www.adultwork.com/britishdesibeautyx

I must admit that I never thought I would actually get to see this girl, it has been a tricky process.  There is a whole thread on her, which will show the mixed views, basically those that have seen her think she is great and those where she has fucked up the comms don’t.  I had both experiences.

The mixed comments on this forum put me off when she was suggested in response to a comment that I made that I hankered after an Asian girl given fond memories of regular punts with a cracking Asian girl in Leeds – now retired.  The comment was via PM from a reliable source that this one is mixed heritage and really good.

After failing to get a response to calls and AW email I received a prompt response to an email on her email address – and she sent photos showing a pretty face, her nice new boobs plus a different mobile number. Well I ignored my now raging hard on long enough to exchange texts and arrange a meeting.

The day arrived and I was to say the least excited and I sent several texts to confirm the appointment.  With 45 minutes to go, and almost there, I was dumped for a variety of “reasons”.  No idea if true and I decided to play it polite and go for a new appointment with her.  (Meantime I drove up the M1 to see Lauren, Sheffield BJ Queen, to relieve the frustration.)

Anyway it deteriorated from there and I really struggled to get to see her again and got a little pissed off and had decided to call it a day with her.  She just never seemed to be around when I was and there are plenty of others out there.  The rational brain told me to move on and stop being played for a fool.

I was clearing out my punting email account and saw the photos again and my rational brain was kicked into touch and I sent an email and text as I was going to be in Derby in a few days.  She was straight back and we agreed a meeting.

Location is not great and you park up and are then given directions to follow to what is a shared flat.  My instincts were to turn around at that stage but the fact I had positive PM from a reliable punter and reviews from here persuaded me to push on.

The experience with her was good but I was disappointed.  I think partly I was not at my best because I had been alittle unnerved arriving there and also she seemed on edge herself, not in any nasty or suspicious way but for example she kept giving a silly nervous laugh.  It was almost as if she was playing the nervous virgin, which was not what I needed at that point.

That said she is very eager to please and if I visit again I will be more comfortable and confident in directing her and I anticipate a great punt.

She was comfortable kissing, gave good OWO and was willing, keen even, to be told what to do – a great attitude for a WG.  Figure is very nice and I could happily amuse myself playing with boobs and arse.

I found this the hardest review to write as there were many conflicting factors and also I was not sure whether to just write in on this punt in isolation or to take account of my expectation of how it will get better.

In summary:

Positive and I will see her again
Comms were good for me but others have had issues – I think she can be a bit of an “airhead”
Location – I was not crazy about but will tolerate, have punted in worse
Initial cancellation was probably just binning me off and subsequent difficulty rebooking was unfortunate
Body is great
Attitude and willingness great
Rarity value as good and keen Indian girl
Young – and I believe genuine student

4 review(s) found for britishdesibeautyx linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline RedKettle

I notice that on the thread about her she has just posted to say sorry for the difficulties contacting her - which I think is a good thing.

With the benefit of time passing from my punt I think I am less keen on her now and I do not think I will return, she does have a great body and is very willing so I think she will be a great punt for many, the chemistry just not right with me.

I've been trying for weeks to get to see this girl. It's nigh on impossible, she replies to about 1 in 10 messages! How does anyone actually ever get to see her?!

Offline RedKettle

yep I found it a struggle - one of the reasons I have not bothered again.

She is a good girl and for some I am sure will be a regular, just not quite right for me.

Offline Iloveoral

I've been calling this girl on and off for months now, if it rings it's never answered in the last month it constantly seems to be off....

She seems worth a meet from the people that actually got to spend time with her, I sent her a message on aw 6 months back with my mobile number (punting phone) to show genuine and ask for a photo to be sent but nothing, I assume she is pretty, I'd love to find out?

I'd still like to meet her for 1/2 hour fir done fun, I believe from what I've read the service is very good, again if you get that far ....

If anyone fancys pm'ing me a pic of her it would be appreciated, I won't forward it further.

Thanks for the review matey

I gave up on that one a long time ago.   :thumbsdown:

Lets hope it's not Business Studies she doing at college.  :dancegirl:

Offline brummierob

She looks a strange one....says she was born in England  & as an Indian parent but her nationality is stated as Polish ??

Offline RedKettle

She looks a strange one....says she was born in England  & as an Indian parent but her nationality is stated as Polish ??

I recall there are whole threads on that!!  Cannot quite remember the story but forget the Polish part, I think that was confusion as she is near the Polish Centre in Derby.  She sounds English and looks Indian if that helps.

Has anyone seen Safia's new pricing? I think the fame is getting to her head. yeah she's a nice looking girl who will perform almost anything you ask, but £100 for 1/2 hour or £300 for 2 hours outcall service I don't think she's worth those rates.  Way too submissive and doesn't really have any unique or outstanding service. She's starting to become like the usual over priced indian girls.

mandy of Leicester, diamondintheruff even amber ryder all charge less for outcalls.  use to like visiting this girl but now that shes only doing outcalls and at those prices probably won't be seeing her again unless prices drop because there are much better options out there

Offline _Bender_

No more incalls...  :( wonder whats happening to her incall place also I notice Liz has been logging on recently.

Offline j122

No more incalls...  :( wonder whats happening to her incall place also I notice Liz has been logging on recently.
Bit pricey for outcalls

Incalls are back & outcall rate now hidden.

Offline Iloveoral

I see she has changed her profile a bit but the rates etc look the same??

Offline j122

Offline Safiaxo

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 29
I don't think I did change my out call prices , however I'm not 100% sure as I did make some changes to my profile but as far as I was aware I just took the Incalls off x
I always thought escorts charged more for outcalls? So that's why the outcalls were priced more than the Incalls xxx
I've now took the outcalls off after reading the reviews , apologies if it was too much ! Xx
I used to see 2 or 3 maximum people a week , this is why I didn't always get back to everyone :( I'm really sorry..
I've now took my number off so anyone can email me instead and I can get back to them that way :) .. I had my number up for a while and it really was uneccasary as I never used it as I was hardly working , so to save confusion I've now took it off :) xx
I always check my emails so I can get back to anyone via email :) xxx
I'm now only seeing 1 person a week if that as i am on my third and final year at university so escorting isn't a priority xxxxx
I love you all !! Xxxxx
Sorry about all the confusion xxxx

Offline j122

I always thought escorts charged more for outcalls? So that's why the outcalls were priced more than the Incalls xxx

I've now took the outcalls off after reading the reviews , apologies if it was too much ! Xx

No worries Safia,

Escorts do tend to charge a bit more for outcalls, but for Derby it was a tad high.

Checkout other girls in the area to see how their rates are (those mentioned above and maybe Phoebe in Derby)

Offline Safiaxo

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 29
Thank you :) x
Will do , I can take anyone's suggestions off here for outcall prices ! X also many people do normally negotiate and most of my regulars will know I'm really easy on changing the prices :) xxx
Take care xxxx

Offline Iloveoral

Safia read your email from a few days back !! Hehe
« Last Edit: September 02, 2015, 12:56:45 AM by Iloveoral »

Offline j122

Has a new profile now & even mentions ukp on it


Offline Iloveoral

Well let's hope she replys to emails this time, I don't see a number to call her on but would love to investigate her further, the photos look great!!

Offline j122

Yep they do look good :wacko:, I was worried when her old profile vanished from my HL. Added this one to it know as not experienced an Indian girl yet.

You could try to PM her on here, might have more luck  :unknown:

Offline Owwhatanight

I don't like to admit this but Leicestet have some hot women. It's like being a kid in a sweet shop.
No wonder Raddy spends so much on punting. :wacko:

Offline j122

Pretty sure Safia's Derby based though.

Offline Owwhatanight

You are right opps ...no comment  :crazy:

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