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Author Topic: Sexy Lacy WSM  (Read 1490 times)

6 review(s) for sexy_lacyx (4 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Location - Weston Super Mare

Venue - Outcall to my place.

Price £90 (through placing a booking)

As I've said in a previous post on Lacy one of the things you can rely on is her communication skills and level of punctuality. She answers texts swiftly and concisely and will be ready exactly as agreed with all requirements met. In short If I don't want to be messed about I go to Lacy.

Looks wise Lacey is not bad at all, no high eastern european cheekbones and pouty lips. She looks like an average woman you could meet on a night out. Curvy in the right sense of the word, really soft breasts, and a nice arse (i'm an arse man) 

Services wise, the main thing that sticks out for me is Lacy's work ethic and technique, because I've got a disability she finds it difficult to go on top, this is not through lack of trying on her part. We all know how it goes usually when a girl struggles or doesn't want to do something (dirty looks and weaseling out of agreed services) Lacey will work for you the whole hour she is with you no clockwatching.

Expert handjob - building up pace, holding my cock with a firm grip, responding to requests (some girls just carry on regardless) massaging and sucking my balls.

Expert blowjob - nice and deep, great use of tongue, again just the right force, good rhythm also as she was working on me she'd press gently on my groin above my cock, all of this helps give the impression that she is in control, for myself a man who literally has to lie back and take it :) it's good to know that you are in experienced and safe hands and she can bring you to the edge without you thinking you could have done  a better job yourself.

Prostate Massage- Lacy popped my cherry on this and since then it's a must on all punts. It feels weird at first and then you get waves of good stuff hitting your head. and your toes curl, I've heard people say that a prostate massage makes you cum quicker, I find it delays and then intensifies the orgasm, when I said I was gonna cum Lacy didn't hesitate to put her mouth round my cock and swallow, through use of the same technique I was able to cum 3 times in an hour..not a  bad shout, again this is all thanks to Lacy's work ethic.


Areas to work on: Dirty talk, not all guys cup of tea I know and to her credit she did try her best and with most girls a sorry I can't do that never turns into a "i'll try", it's an art I know, but by the 3rd time I was having to replay porn dialogue in my head to get me off. 

Kissing- This was nice closed lips kissing, but she  never seemed really into it understandable given the old WG adage. Lacy says she offers french kissing, in my opinion she either has to take the lead and start with a little tongue or take it off her profile.

All in all though a great punt, great body, really nice to chat to (knows when to stop talking as well :) ) non judgemental of my situation and sexual likes, and exceedingly trustworthy and reliable. Great VFM.                 


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Good review.........might be worth a trip to WSM

Offline TerryTibbs

Great review, well done!

£90 for a hour outcall?  sounds cheap?

Terry  :timeout:

Great review, well done!

£90 for a hour outcall?  sounds cheap?

Terry  :timeout:

Yeah my bad! I should have clarified because I struggle to get my wheelchair round to hers, she gave me the incall rate, again another sign of how accommodating and understanding she is.


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