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Offline monstar


Not many decent options around East England, luckily we have Issa!

Shares a flat and offers duo with Anya - https://www.adultwork.com/2429517

Initial contact five days before the meeting date through AW email. Issa's replies were easy to understand, albeit in slightly broken English and received back promptly. At the time I didn't have any AW feedback and raised the point in my email, Issa wasn't concerned and advised me to make a booking through AW so we could both receive feedback. I text Issa the night before our meeting to confirm and to change the start time slightly which Issa was happy to accommodate.

A flat complex near Colchester town centre. Issa has a parking space available for use plus there is free parking on the street nearby (up to two hours) which I spotted using Google Street View. The communal entrance is at the side of the building and off the road so it is discreet. I phoned Issa as I approached the building, she told me the flat number with clear directions and I was promptly buzzed in, no waiting outside. I didn't even need to knock on the flat door as Issa must have seen me through the peephole and opened it just as I got there.

Issa directed me to her bedroom, it is a decent size with a chair for your clothes and a comfortable bed which is quite low to the ground. The window blinds were down but let in plenty of natural light as it was around midday. No music or radio playing in the background.

The bathroom next to Issa's bedroom has a bath tap / shower mixer, it produced decent adjustable water pressure and temperature. The shower does not have a wall fixing so it wasn't the easiest to use and combined with having no shower curtain or screen made me paranoid I was going to spray the whole bathroom - which I inevitably did!

Issa's profile photos are very accurate, although she is tanned (accurate in brunette photos) and not pale (blonde photos). She has a slightly prettier face in real life and thankfully nice clean white teeth as she smiles a lot. Fit petite body, nice bum and perky boobs.

She is strategically positioned in the photos to stop her tattoos showing all at once but you can see them individually (5/6 in total) in her selection of photos. I generally dislike tattoos but Issa's are quite small so didn't detract from her overall appearance.

Extremely friendly and a good host, offering me a drink after my shower.

Issa has a playful and excitable personality which showed through during our meeting and conversations. I don't feel that we fully 'clicked' for some reason, even though the conversations were fun and flowing throughout the meeting. Issa also has some great stories about her time in Romania.

Two hours at £200, plus £20 extra for OWO. The meeting ended naturally after about two hours but Issa wasn't rushing me out.

I let Issa know I was nervous due to my punting inexperience, "let's get started then!" was her immediate response, taking the lead by wrapping her arms around me and leaning in for a kiss shortly followed by passionate DFK - Perfect start!

Nice body kissing build-up before some excellent OWO mainly focused on the head of 'little monstar'.

At some point during our meeting I heard the flat buzzer, fortunately I didn't hear or see anyone else while I was inside or leaving the flat.

Responsive enough during RO to keep me going; some hip moving, stroking my arms, occasional heavy breaths and light moans.

Enthusiastic during cowgirl with great technique but not so responsive during missionary although all performed with a good amount of eye contact. Applied lube before penetration which is a negative for me.

As usual I popped three times; CIM which she swallowed while giving me seductive eyes and a cheeky grin - highlight of the meeting for me. Popped inside her in the condom during cowgirl and missionary, cleaned up by Issa using wet wipes.

During recharge time she gave me an excellent massage with light and hard pressure, she isn't a trained masseuse but instead learnt from experience massaging family members with back problems.

At the end of the meeting we were still chatting on the bed and continued as we were getting dressed.  I had to take it upon myself to walk towards the door as Issa didn't seem concerned about getting me to leave. Meeting ended with a kiss at the door.

Exceptional GFE
Cute and petite - accurate profile photos
Passionate DFK
CIM and swallow
Excellent massage
Eye contact throughout
No clock watching
Cheerful infectious personality

Slightly too passive for my tastes during RO and missionary
Hair too long to let down without it being a nuisance
Shared flat
Shower without wall fixing or curtain

Lube applied before penetration
Extra £20 for OWO

Issa provided a wonderful GFE and has a cheerful infectious personality. She is slightly passive during RO and missionary but makes up for it with enthusiastic cowgirl, excellent OWO and CIM with swallow.

I would definitely recommend Issa for everyone in East England, especially as good punts are hard to find around here whereas Issa offers a GFE matching the top girls in London.  :thumbsup:

27 review(s) found for Beauty_ISSA linked to in above post (27 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
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A tad surprised that she asked for the £20 for OWO when you were spending £200 !!

Offline monstar

A tad surprised that she asked for the £20 for OWO when you were spending £200 !!

She never actually asked for it, I just assumed and paid the £220 but she also didn't give me 20 back. Maybe another punter who has seen her can confirm?


I saw her flat mate a few months ago and they have same pricing structure its £100 per hour with £20 Extra for OWO - so the 2 hour with OWO would be £220

Offline socks

I saw her flat mate a few months ago and they have same pricing structure its £100 per hour with £20 Extra for OWO - so the 2 hour with OWO would be £220
Any idea of their duo rates?

Offline englandfan

their duo rates are double their single rates

no special deals on this, just rate X2

Offline Tom5334

Yep can confirm that, £240 for the hour for the duo with owo. Pricey but I enjoyed myself!
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline Tom5334

Had another 30 minute punt with Issa last night, and she had THOSE AW profile picture boots on  :yahoo:

She is still highly recommended, I wish I could get to Colchester more often!
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline Tom5334

Banning reason: Trolling

Offline Neal69

You Noticed her boots :wacko:

Top Girl.

Just surprised you noticed her boots, what with everything else on display :yahoo:

Be back there in a moment, in fact I have been, Boots or no boots.

Top Top Girl  :dance: :dance: :dance:

Offline essexmat

+1 for issa

One of my regulars, hope she continues!

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