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Author Topic: BIG BOOBS QUEEN  (Read 1613 times)

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Offline Ombadsman

I met with Big Boobs Queen aka Ayda yesterday evening for an hour at her place in central Bristol.

As her AW name suggests she has a massive pair of knockers. This was the main appeal in making a booking and I was pleased to get to play with them  :D

She is by no means slim and I was ok with this but if you're after a bag of bones, stay away!

On arrival I was shown to the bedroom and offered a drink. I requested a shower and was pointed to the bathroom which had a supply of clean towels. All good so far.

On my return from the shower Ayda came back to the room and joined me. Within no time at all we were kissing, the boobs were unleashed and I was encouraged to get to know them. She meanwhile undid my towel and started wanking me off before getting onto her knees and giving me some owo. She did comment on the size my cock, saying it was almost too big for her mouth (utter bollocks). Whether this was a carefully planned early gambit to fend off any attempts at anal or not, I can't say. I hadn't mentioned anal in our communications and had already taken it as a no go given the comment on her profile. Despite the supposed size issue she happily gave me nice, if not deep owo and hj which culminated in a tit wank for the end of round one.

A short period to relax and try to talk (she wasn't terribly chatty) and she then asked if I was ready for another go and promptly set to work getting me hard again with her good owo/hj. She then grabbed a condom, lubed me up and jumped on for a bit of cowgirl. As a previous review states this is particularly fun given her massive boobs and she is quite happy to maintain dfk when fucking. A few changes of position and a good solid fuck brought about the end of round 2.

As the conversation was a bit slow going, it seemed her solution was to fuck again so I was pleasantly surprised when she started getting me going for round 3 without me even mentioning it. That has not happened for a good long while in an hour booking! More owo/hj followed by a nice doggy fuck (which she seemed to particularly enjoy) and finishing with me on top.

So all in all, a pretty damn good punt. Conversation could have been a bit better but I wasn't really there for that and Ayda made up for the lack chit chat by providing more sucking and fucking. Ideal!  :P

Sadly, she isn't around for much longer and is unlikely to be back as she hasn't really taken to Bristol. Catch her if you can (and you like bigger girls with even bigger tits!).

As ever


Offline Bristolboy

I have been tempted too see her, I'm a boob guy but I thought it was too goo too be true!
Do you know how much longer she's in Bristol for?

Offline Ombadsman

Today may well be her last day.

Offline Ombadsman

You could always call her and ask....

Offline Bristolboy

I'm working until 11, I'll give her a txt. Fingers crossed!

Offline Bristolboy

I'm not sure why I told you my work hours. I'm sure you have no interest in that at all!

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