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Author Topic: Miss Dior  (Read 1400 times)

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Saw Miss Dior a few weeks back, and was about to file a report but the profile disappeared the next day. She's now back, different name, and apparently for only a week or two.

Reviews (on the other, now nonexistent profile) were few, but I liked the look of her pics, so fetched up one evening for the half-hour deal. Normally, the tattoo/fake tits/lots of 'extras' thing doesn't do it for me, but I punched through that, and she was a lot of fun. She's exactly as advertised, and manages to be as warm, friendly and chatty as she is professional. Quite a live wire, she's done lots of porno (so she says) and escorts all over the place. Tits are enormous, and obviously fake, and she says she's having a further enlargement soon. Service smoothly professional. Offers OWO at no extra, but I'm an OW man these days.

So, exactly what it says on the tin, and pics are accurate. I can't give a Jason-ite analysis of her face, accent, level of English, and thermal rating of her apartment, but I'd say the profile is accurate enough, English is excellent, and I'd put her age at no more than +5 years from the claimed age. As the aficianados will know, in tart-world, that's within normal parameters. Anyway, the event, for what it was, couldn't be faulted. She ain't no wallflower, and if you're after an experience with a bit of edge, but still with someone 'real', then she's your bird.

21 review(s) found for GIRLFRIEND DIOR linked to in above post (17 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline maxjabby

Great rack I must say!! Added to the HL  :diablo:

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