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Author Topic: Emelia Diamonds  (Read 1538 times)

Offline GeordieGent


WOW booked emelia for an hour on friday and im itching to get back to her ASAP, fantastic Gfe and the best OWO ive had from a diamomds girl, allowed fingering (vag and anal), allowed oral and has a few unexpected tricks up her sleeve, quickly become my WG favourie. Shes attentive to my needs and satisfaction and gives a sensual and thorough experience. Definitely recommended!!!

Mmmmm 3 posts and such high praise. Touting???

Offline Admin

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With that female email address, given all 3 posts about Emelia, then it's most likely her. Banned.

Offline sentinel

Makes you wonder if the reviews for her on Diamonds web-site are faked too.
Banning reason: Fluffy dick

Offline Bengeo13

It's certainly not the experience I encountered with Emelia. I think it was the no kissing rule that got us off on the wrong footing, and things didn't improve after that!


Had her down as a plan c for the last few weeks, gone now though  :dash: :dash:

Offline AnthG

She seems a bit of a nasty piece of work that she is constantly slating the competition too.

amy on the other hand... definitely rough around the edges, you know a WG loves her job when she's drunk or off her nut! Saw her once and walked out... she answered the door in joggers and her hand job was rougher than having a wank with sand paper, definitely avoid!

I walked out after the hand-job cos her jaw was swinging and her eyes kept rolling back, absolute mess! (Amy)

Offline tommyh

nice of her to advertise the fact she likes a finger up her arse  :lol: maybe more girls should post like this then we'd know which services they all offer.
Banning reason: STD troll

Offline fatlun

Saw Emelia the other day, I would suggest she is one of the worst girl at diamonds. big boobs but come with big beer belly, Strong odour,  dirty feet, messy hair. Was going to try 69, but after seen her below, I have kept away (not very clean). Definitely not going back for her again, and her profile picture makes her look far too good....

Offline EmeliaDiamonds

Hello hun, I'm very sorry that you feel this way about our booking,  though I would say some of the things you've mentioned don't sound particularly accurate (more so about my hygiene) I work very hard to offer a good service and I know cleanliness and appearance are apart of the overall experience. Though I cannot change my apparent "beer belly" I will take your comments on board. Again, though I appreciate I might not have been your 'ideal' girl, I think some of your comments are unfair and untrue.

Sincerely Emelia x

Offline EmeliaDiamonds

Also the aforementioned account reviewing me, wasn't me, hence why I'm commenting using this account.

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Also the aforementioned account reviewing me, wasn't me, hence why I'm commenting using this account.

Nope, it is definitely you. Thanks for creating a new account to confirm.

Offline Barry Shipton

Hello hun,
I'd have banned her for saying Hun - she's 20! Unless they're some 50+ BBW old Cockney brass with a fag dangling out of their mouth it really doesn't suit them.

Nope, it is definitely you. Thanks for creating a new account to confirm.

 :D :D :lol: :lol:

another one bites the proverbial.....

I think maybe she should have been given a little more rope first... :-)

Wonder if she just piped up because I posted earlier asking for a review... Narrow escape it seems...

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