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Author Topic: curvyalex in Swindon  (Read 868 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1827087 or https://www.adultwork.com/curvyalex

£140 for 1.5 hour incall in Swindon

Communication: by email, text and voice call. Friendly, quick (except email) and efficient.

Location: modern apartment in east Swindon, easy to find and with free parking.
Inside, the room was clean and tidy. There were other people in the apartment and they were frequently passing the door to the room. Not good. However, Alex assured me that nobody would interrupt us (and she was right), and she even offered me a refund if I found it too off-putting.
Discretion: A quick bathroom visit almost ended awkwardly. When I opened the door, I nearly bumped into the husband or boyfriend of the woman who lives in the apartment.
Further information about location: Alex's AW profile says that in a couple of weeks' time (i.e. end of September 2014), she will no longer do incalls, in Swindon or anywhere else.

Alex looks a lot like the pictures on her AW profile. If you like those, then you'll like her in person. I did, and I did.
At the time of writing, Alex's public profile had no clear face pictures. (I've not seen her PG.) When I met her, I was very pleasantly surprised at how pretty she was. She wore a short, translucent, white dress, which suited her. Shoulder-length golden hair was clean, smooth and neatly arranged. Hers was quite good, too.
Alex was clean and smelt very faintly of mild perfume.

Friendly and welcoming. She quickly put me at ease and she kept me very happy and entertained for the entire time I was with her.
Non-native speaker but excellent English. Conversation was easy and enjoyable.

[Fluffification warning !! Hardcore punters should skip this section]
I really liked Alex; or at least, I liked the persona she chose to show me during the punt. Instead of the dead eyes and vapid smile of some WGs, Alex had an air of lively intelligence and wry amusement. The occasional caustic remark, and some of the looks she gave me, suggested a sort of affable contempt for me, herself and the whole situation. My favourite was when I told her - rather unwisely, I admit - that she was much better-looking than I'd expected: she stared at me as though at an idiot, then asked pointedly, "Why would you book an escort you didn't expect to find attractive?"
Of course, it might be that Alex deliberately gives all her clients the impression that they've caught her showing her true feelings. That would be really clever, because few things flatter a man so well as making him think he's cleverer than a clever woman. Especially when he has his cock in her mouth.
[Fluffiness ends]

Services: DFK, OWO, RO, hand relief, penetration (protected)
Paperwork done, we were straight into some seriously good DFK. While Alex was snogging my face off, she also undressed both of us (how did that happen?) and moved right along to OWO, which was also very good: slow and deep, with intermittent ball-sucking. She doesn't do CIM, so at my request she used her hands to finish round one. Not the best hand technique, but I she was so sexy that I came quickly anyway.
After a gentle clean-up, I spent a while exploring Alex's body, including some RO that was good for me and better for her, as far as I could tell. Condom on, a bit of mish and then some hugely enjoyable cowgirl, during which I had a good view and a great feel of her tits. Finished with a very rewarding 69.

During the session:
No clock-watching.
No time-wasting.
No interruptions.
I got her full attention throughout.

After we finished:
We talked for a few minutes while I got dressed. In conversation, Alex was friendly, funny, very down-to-earth, and open (or very convincing) about some aspects of her life. She had interesting and provocative things to say on a surprisingly wide range of subjects and I enjoyed talking to her, particularly as we were well into overtime. There was no sense of being rushed. Saw me to the door, and a short but sweet kiss goodbye.

Pros: good comms; accurate profile; attractive face; very good OWO; great attitude and professionalism; enjoyable conversation; all agreed services performed with enthusiasm; safe; friendly; no chargeable extras; no clock-watching; no time-wasting; good VFM
Cons: civvies passing right by the door during the punt; hand technique could be better; no incalls after September 2014

Would recommend to others? Yes.
Would I see her again? Yes.

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