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Author Topic: Sexy Elise  (Read 825 times)

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Before i start i will say that i'm not sure at all about how to rate this as this was my first meet with elise which may explain my main neg with the review....

so i recently met elise in cheltenham, coms were excellent and very professional. On the day got a confirmation text, and about an hour before she text to say she was running about 15 mins late. So all good there.

I didnt ask for anything as i prefer to just see how meets go and the nature of the WG style. So when she opened the door it was to a well present and attractive women in a black dress, not the hottest outfit but i put that down to her been late for the appointment and rushing herself.

So we went to the bedroom and started chatting after dealing with the paperwork per her request on her profile. Now comes the first issue the chatting seemed to go and on, not sure if this is her usual style or just coz it was a first meet and she was gage me as a punter but felt a bit of a waste of my time.

Eventually we moved closer to each other and had some nice DFK with hands exploring each other which was a nice start. Then both stripped off and i went down on her, she was happy with fingers and responded very well to that eventually coming with great style (if it was faked she is an excellent actress). Then we switched and she did an excellent tease bj, nice and slow lots of eye contact not a technique that i've seen any WG do well til her so a big plus for her there. Then we went for cowgirl and i couldnt hold out any longer so i just unloaded.

Then we collapsed into a bit more chat and she offered a massage.... it was the usual shit WG massage but i dont mind as usually it's just a quick break before round two.... but in her case it just went on and on, including her doing the old fashion chopping hand massage. Then she got dressed and hour over.

I rated this as a neutral for 3 main reasons, it's was an hours booking at £170 which is top end of my budget, it felt that i got about 30 mins of action and the rest was her wasting time to use it up resulting in me not leaving satisfied or drained..... but finally it was my first meet so i dont know if she would be more straight to it on a 2nd meet! Basically i'm a bit of a confused punter on this one as there were definate pros but explainable negs but still results in a neutral for me!

16 review(s) found for sexyelisexxxx linked to in above post (15 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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