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Author Topic: Number 1 thai massage  (Read 4276 times)

Hi, after reading about No.1 I  would like to find out if any one has been there lately. It seems Rose the "banker" is not there but rain, who from reading past posts is a bit hit n miss is still and also a new girl! From what I can guess she was the receptionist. Has anyone had a massage from her as some one here said she was a looker? Does she do extra's or is she legit? Thanks

I've been 3 times in the last 3 months. The offer of HE (or anything else) depends on who you see.

Rose is still there - or, at least, was last Saturday when I last visited.

I've had one massage from Rose where HE and touching were on offer (no additional charge). It was pretty obvious from the start when she told me to take off my boxers. She was very blatant too - kept asking "massage make you horny?" etc.

I've had one massage with another girl - not attractive at all but the massage was superb. No removal of boxers or hint at HE so totally legit.

Last Saturday, I had another one with another girl I've not seen there before. Can't quite make my mind up. Boxers on right until she got the oil out (10 minutes to go) when they came off but no mention of HE. She kept trying to sell me extra time which may well have led to HE but it was difficult to say.

Offline Fountain-lad

Pretty much my experience - confusing.

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Offline Fountain-lad

The hair place towards Rosie's Bar on same side as number 1 is ok.

Young lass doesn't do he - older one does.

Mentioned before I had massage off the younger lass then older one finished it off.

Not brilliant - but better than some others.
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Offline fatlun

Do you mean the new hair place in the middle of stowell street, I think she is called Karen, is there any touching allowed?

Offline Craggzy

On another thread someone paid £20 for the he. The younger lass started massage then left and the older one came in for the finale.

Hi Guys

I had an appointment booked with Rose this evening but she can't make it. Have been offered "Rain" or "Ren" instead.

Has anyone had the pleasure? What's included etc? Is she attractive?

Offline jordi

She very attractive, but you'll be getting nowt off her. Just a massage. Soz.
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Bummer! Might cancel. Best Thai is open until around 10pm tonight. Anyone have any ideas what its like these days?

Offline jarrovian

I haven't been myself for about 8mths, but I believe he and possibly more from quite a reliable source. If you try keep us informed as I may be tempted back

Saw Rain this evening. The earlier poster is right - she's a little stunner  :)

At the start of the massage, she said I could take off my boxers if I wished - naturally, I did.

However, no offer of HE at any point - despite 30 of the 60 minutes spent on my front (i.e. me lying on my back) and fully exposed.

Would be interested if anyone has gotten any further.

Offline Craggzy

You may get body to body (unlikely on first visit) but will quote you £100. unless you've been see them a few times before prices went up (new year time). Top notch lasses from my experience though. So for what you spend you could see an escort with everything guaranteed.

Offline Craggzy

Back in the day Rain used to work at best thai. but moved to number one which is the mostly legit part of the business.

Is it definitely the same person? She's only 24.

Offline Craggzy

yes it is. if she's 24 i'm hung like shane diesel

The one I saw last night was definitely young looking and I'd say 24 was about right.

Could be two people of the same name?

Chatting to her last night, she said she hadn't worked anywhere else.

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