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Author Topic: Holly's whatever it is  (Read 1857 times)

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I went to see holly last week
And been thinking long and hard what to write as a report, and even if it should be negative, neutral or positive, as I don't think she would be everyone's cup of tea, but on reflection I left with a smile on my face & sacks empty so yes I found it posative :D
All the bullshit with having to compose an email was easily overcome, I emailed around 8.30 and was at her place by 11.00.
Her place is simple to find, by the royal infirmary newport road easy safe off street parking right next to her flat.
Her photos are accurate, not been photoshopped, I think she was 37 once but probably around 8 years ago :mad:
Her body is good but her boobs are a bit lumpy, nothing to worry about though.
She was very chatty and friendly over a cup of coffee.
Then she sets up her massage table and gave a second to none massage, I normally try to skip this with girls, but fair play she done a proper job!
Her likes list is very limited, and she don't do anything not on it, not even kissing.
You are on her massage table and not really allowed to move from that position, she goes though what I imagine is a very set routine which she does for every client, not very personnel, but like I said is very chatty and friendly throughout. I managed to come in her hand after we had done cow girl, reverse cow girl and oral covered nothing else was allowed :(
Like I said very difficult to give a rating to but I come, and left happy, she did what she offered so it's got to be a positive, but I can't really see me retuning  :hi:

1 review(s) found for 2015 THE GOOD YEAR linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Is she one pop or two in the hour.. also her face in the pics looks like it has been attached to the body. .

The body does look good and if she is 8 years older than advertised then credit to the woman.

I'm usually content with one good shoot in the hour so not sure :cool:
Her face is as the photos, a bit to white and pasty really, could do with a nice tan :cool:

Offline aardvark

I saw her some time ago. My recollection is that it wasn't a single cum job.

I saw her some time ago. My recollection is that it wasn't a single cum job.
Just out of curiosity how did you rate her?

Offline Ludwig

I saw her some time ago. My recollection is that it wasn't a single cum job.

I had two pops with Holly  :thumbsup: although to be fair I had a two hour session with her - maybe it'd be different if you only book one hour  :unknown:

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