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Author Topic: Another +ve for Welsh_Brunette - highly recommended  (Read 2154 times)

23 review(s) for Welsh_Brunette (22 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline aardvark

https://www.adultwork.com/2213030 or https://www.adultwork.com/Welsh%5FBrunette   

Having enjoyed this girl at a recent party with Naughty Slut Soph, I was persuaded to push the budget and see her solo.

The Communications
Good comms - she replied promptly to emails and made the arrangements.  Subsequently provided her mobile number for communications on the day.

The Venue
A modern  house, well presented from outside (Phil Spencer eat your heart out .....!!) Very clean bedroom and bathroom, nice comfy bed - all good.  She appeared to be the only person present while I was there.  Easy to park on the roadside nearby.  Postcode provided to get me to the vicinity, good directions given by her thereafter.

The Lady
Good looking girl, long brunette hair (fully shaven, can't comment on whether natural or not!!!).  Very slim figure - legs go on for ever.  Enhanced boobs, but very well done.  Lovely big suckable nipples.  Pierced clit.  Lovely tight and wet pussy, nice lips.  Overall, you won't be disappointed.

She provided everything that I wanted: fantastic kisser - proper DFK, sex in various positions - good missionary technique and she lowered herself down so that I could pound into her pussy when in doggy - this was great!  Rides well and rocks hips in cowgirl. Good OWO BJ technique.  I didn't try CIM - although it would have been very easy to lose the first load to it.  She was sucking away quite happily and I feel that she would have taken it in the mouth if I had let her carry on.   She seemed to enjoy her clit and pussy being sucked and licked and appeared to enjoy her G spot being massaged with a finger or two.  Didn't get around to asking about filming (bugger - forgot that one).

The Verdict
An hour booking.  One of the best punts I have experienced.  We overran timewise, but she gave no sign of bringing it to a conclusion - I said I had to be going.  She very nearly extracted a third pop out of me and if I had been able to stay just a bit longer, I am sure she would have (mental note - don't make any other subsequent plans next time ..........).   A very pleasant lady, who made me feel very welcome (Drink offered upon arrival).  She was very relaxed about me being slightly late (although I did keep her updated about my ETA).  Overall, an excellent service provided - a proper GFE, with just a little extra edge.  Definitely one to keep on the hotlist and I will return, despite her being at the upper end of my budget - great value!!
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23 review(s) found for Welsh_Brunette linked to in above post (22 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline MikeBWales

Totally agree with all of that, she's been highly rated for quite some time now, it's good to see her standards are not slipping. :thumbsup:

Offline aardvark

Well, I returned recently to see Georgia and I had an even better time than before.  There has been one major change, which is the size of her boobs - new, larger boobs, but very well done.  She seemed pleased with them and I certainly was - almost mesmerising.   All services as good as before (if not better), she certainly seems to improve with familiarity.   I was late again - but with a fairly amusing explanation (even if I say so myself ......) - but she didn't seem to be upset by it as I had kept her informed.  We overran at the end of my hour as Georgia was busy fucking a third pop out of me - and by God, did she fuck me - rode me on top as if her life depended upon it and then took it hard and fast Iin doggy to finish, urging me to give it to her harder all the time - I of course was delighted to do so!

I think one of the best punts yet!

Offline Welshguy78

Went to see her this week after all the good feedback and wasn't disappointed. Absolutely gorgeous and great body. One of my best times so far
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