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Author Topic: Kinky Claire 1985 - Reading  (Read 2189 times)

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Price : £60for 30 mins


Location: Outskirts of Reading in a road of public housing. 10 mins taxi from Reading station. Road safe enough but bedroom was scruffy and dirty.  Bed was just a single mattress on the floor. Not a good start at all.

Appearance: I viewed her AW profile via a phone . If I had viewed via a pc I would not have visited.    Photos on website are an accurate reflection.  Skinny build with not an ounce of fat. A cup breasts with perky nipples. Fully shaven below and nice cute looking pussy. Bad news was her teeth were really yellow and fag stained. So an obvious smoker who does not brush her teeth.

 Services: Visited 26/8. I was in Reading and none of the decent ladies with forum reviews were available for a last minute booking. A friendly enough girl but the location could have been a lot better. Not really my type  and with her yellow teeth I thought about walking but for £60 and my cock in charge I handed over the money.

Then led to bedroom which was just a single  mattress on the floor and a sofa.  No bedding just a bare mattress with pillows.  Laid on mattress and it smelled of piss, immediately got up with a what the fuck. She said a previous customer had just suddenly decided to give her water sports and pissed on her. Said she only provided water sports in her bathroom in the bath but he just started pissing. Said she had washed the mattress thoroughly. Which probably means she just dried it off with a towel 2 days before.

After the pissy mattress I sat on the sofa.  Undecided whether to leave, I gave her a good finger.  A really I and mean really tight pussy, incredibly tight to be specific. Gave my fingers the smell test to which she replied I’m really clean.  Pussy did not smell fresh on my fingers and had that musty linger.

Decided with the iffy pussy smells and not so great mouth hygiene to go with oral with, when normally I always go OWO. Despite the offer of a really tight pussy I had set my mind on bolting my load with oral and getting out of dodge. An ok BJ on the sofa but very mechanical. Began to lose my passion and size. Asked her to wank me off which she did for a couple of minutes before she asked me to take over.  I did and asked her to lick my balls which she duly obliged. Asked if she did CIM as I thought I could spray into it and she said no. Profile states yes.  Anyway, popped my load and sprayed some on her face  in the process.

Tightest pussy I have ever fingered, quite remarkable and not sure how my manhood would have squeezed in. She has kids so it must be possible.


Not great mouth or pussy hygiene
Disgusting mattress on the floor and smelled of piss
Mechanical BJ
Asked to finish myself by hand

Overall a punt which is best forgotten. You have been warned.

Rating 1/10

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline nigel4498

Not so happy and lucky this time  :thumbsdown:
You really should have walked, that pissy mattress  :vomit:

Not so happy and lucky this time  :thumbsdown:
You really should have walked, that pissy mattress  :vomit:
Your right, but I didn't get to see the bedroom until I had handed over the cash  :dash:, otherwise I would have defo walked.  I rack it up as TOFTT. Then again, some on here may be into stale water sports afters.Instead of cuckold, it is probably known as pissold  :wacko:

Offline James999

Her pictures guve the impression of a right skank, your report appears to back that up  :thumbsdown:

Offline daverfc

Her location in whitley wood put me off before going any further.

Offline berksboy

          Looks like a Crack Whore to me .

Useful warning thanks.  I'd looked at the profile but the pictures put me off, particularly the state of her skin.  Glad I didn't go ahead but sorry you had such a disappointing punt.

What I'll never get is why girls put their year of birth in their profile name and then try to knock 5 years off their age.  :unknown:

Offline Stiltskin

Her pictures guve the impression of a right skank, your report appears to back that up  :thumbsdown:

Her old profile was even worse!

Offline fabbian von minky

she just changed a gearbox with that thumb ........grim
Banning reason: Troll

Looks a great deal older than the alleged 24, and if the "1985" bit of her nickname means she is 29, she looks older than that, too. On crystal meth? Whatever. Clearly a squalid experience.

Offline Daffodil

Shit, I feel dirty just reading your review and looking at her pictures. She probably makes crack whores feel good about themselves.

I honestly can't believe you didn't walk though. A bare, pissed on mattress? Come on fella, man up next time  :drinks:

Offline HawkG

This is her current profile: https://www.adultwork.com/2722390

Basically, she runs a profile until she gets negative feedback, which doesn't usually take long, then starts another one.

I love her petite little body, but she's dirty (in a bad way). Not going back there.

Offline sushi

The soles of her feet are filthy and the matress looks like she got it out of a skip, certainly the kind of place you'd wipe your feet on the way out.

At least my misfortune can benefit others.  Her feet are the cleanest part of her which says a lot  :vomit:

Offline berksboy

     Going my her last profile she has a great looking pussy.On the above profile she tells us she is 24yo but later she is 28yo !  :dash:


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