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Author Topic: Should a pro$$ie with a cesarian scar fess-up on her AdultWork profile?  (Read 526 times)

So there I am, on the bed and working my magic on this pro$$ie, and boy, she was fucking loving it  ;).

Just like rendering the gable end on a house - always starting at the top and working my way down - lips, neck, tits, tummy ......then suddenly  :scare:  :vomit:. Luckily, I'm a total gentleman and kept quiet, but for a split second I thought she's been in a recent car crash, it was that prominent. Gave me a right shock, nearly lost my wood and put a real damper on the punt.

Nowaday's when doing my punting research - if there's no pics of the pro$$ies lower abdomen or she's always got a strategically positioned hand / pot plant in the way then it's a definite swerve.


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If it's that obvious, and/or relatively new, then yes she should. In the "interview" on AW it says do you have any scars etc.

An older scar shouldn't be at all prominent, as they cut along the join where belly meets the mons in order for there not to be an obvious scar. It was up until fairly recently (25-ish years ago?) that most (UK) caesarian cuts were from navel to mons, ie: vertically. This would of course be a massive disfiguring scar.

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More interested in them having had natural child birth for obvious reasons.  I think that is far more relevant to punters.

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I have been with couple of WG's who have had these scars it doesn't bother me really as my last regular used to cover it up with a suspended belt but I can see to some people may be abit off putting.

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