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Author Topic: Tattoo sleeve, scar across boob, blue eyed, South Wales area?!  (Read 780 times)

Trying to work out and looking for a escort.

She is 26
5'4" ish
Tanned/fake real!
Bright blue eyes
Tattoo sleeve not finished on left arm
Scar across top of boob
Had a kid at some point,  recent boob job in the last couple of months
From the Barry, Cardiff area... Caused me loads of problems with random txts and call at stupid o'clock!

Think she went under the name of Emily_mai or Rebbeca lovit.

Any info on this girl would be great.. Total head case and best to warn others away!

Anyone come across her or any info let me know..  Don't want to know any personal details just what she is playing at!

Also escorting before boob job obviously!

Offline Salt

I don't know the girl in question but your inquiries make me uneasy as it may well be you that is causing problems.......

In your first post you indicate her profile is inactive; so if you can't contact her through her profile or the number she's calling you on then I suggest you block said number and forget about her   :hi:

Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Something sounds suss.

Why not just block her number if she is calling or texting you as Salt suggested.

Tad more complicated. I'm not interested in causing problems for anyone but I'm interested in solving them!

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