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Offline davidgood

First here is the link;-
www.adultwork.com/2415051 or https://www.adultwork.com/SubmissiveNika

I had to go down to South Wales on a business trip last week and as usual I decided to arrange a 1 to 1 when I was down there.

Finding a woman to provide what I want, that is anal at a reasonable price and being located near to where I was staying was not easy but I stumbled across Nika and decided to give her a try.

We met at the house of Nika's mistress where there is a well equipped dungeon room, with an en suite bathroom, not a palace but all reasonable.

Nika was dressed as a young secretary, blue and white stripe blouse, tight black skirt and stockings and sussies. She acted the meek little secretary perfectly.

Nika is just as her pics show her, a very slim little young lady  with glasses. Nice little tits and a little pert bum.
She will never be Miss Wales or even Miss Glamorgan but to me Nika is an interesting little lady, suitable for someone like myself looking for something a bit different.

We started the session with Nika over my knee for a hand spanking, with me still dressed as a bit of role play. But then we both got our kit off as I wanted to enjoy her fully.

Nika knelt on a spanking bench with her lovely little bum up in the air. It was so small I thought she might not be able to take me.
So we spent some time with Nika using a vibe on her clit while I used my fingers on her pussy and bum hole and then I worked a butt plug in to her tight little hole.

Next I went around to the front so Nika could suck me to ensure maximum hardness before I put on the rubber and a bit of lube and then slipped my member into her pert little bum  to enjoy an excellent bit of anal before I shot my load.

After a bit of a rest, Nika started posing for me and let me tease her with a crop before she spent a lot of time sucking my cock in several positions with lots of eye contact.

I got close but I have to admit I could just not get to the second pop within the hour. Maybe next time?



2 review(s) found for Sensual Nika linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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