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Author Topic: Chantells - Skewen  (Read 6527 times)

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Offline Salt

https://www.adultwork.com/1430011  https://www.adultwork.com/Chantells

Knew that i shouldn't have but just had to find a pussy to stick my cock in...... :unknown:

Tried AW for a local incall yesterday and today; was just one of those days, either no response or "sorry not available today"

Should have just left it but alas little head reined supreme..... :dash:

The Punt:

Easy to find, parking easy and discrete entrance ok....

Choice of two girls Amber (7/10)  and Jade (7/10) today but rota varies....

Decided on Amber: nice figure, pale skin, auburn hair and cute glassses. However had to wait 20min which was ok but the place reeked of cigarettes.....

So much so that my clothes stink too.....So no use if you are from a non smoking household  :scare:

Paid extra £20 for kissing which was ok 6/10

Quick back rub and chat; shit shit shit......3/10

Ok lets just get on with it.....

Covered BJ actually very good, surprisingly... 7/10

Sex was pretty good too; she's really tight so just took my time and no fake moaning.....7/10

However her skin was clammy and there was a little BO which probably indicates no shower, just wet wiping........ :vomit: 

It's just a 1 pop service so finished then got dressed; she starts whinging about how the girls cut isn't very good and how punters complain about the girls pushing extras......

I don't wanna know.......

It's not my problem.....

If you don't like it go out on your own else shut-up and provide a good service.....

Would i recomend: No

Would i return: Never again


never say never  :hi:

And SF before you say it...... i know you think there is no good punting in Swansea......

Booked in to see Crystal on Wednesday so hope will have something positive to report....
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

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Offline SirFrank

I hate to say it Salt but Swansea mate! I'd rather sand my ballbag with wirewool than punt in that particular wilderness. My only reason for going to Swansea these days is to eat joes ice cream in the gower. Where do you put I hear you say? What can I say, I've got a fast metabolism....
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

There's a Joe's ice cream in Cardiff also.. Wellfield Rd.

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