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Author Topic: From behind the door,,,,,,,,,  (Read 2639 times)

Offline Matium

,,,,,,, when she steps out from behind the door, how do you expect to see her? completely nude? in her bra and knickers? in a costume you've asked for? or ordinary, everyday clothes?

Offline Matium

I always ask a girl to wear pasties but if she dosn't have them then I ask her to wear a matching combination set of a red bra and knickers.

Offline Corus Boy

I always ask a girl to wear pasties but if she dosn't have them then I ask her to wear a matching combination set of a red bra and knickers.

Would that be Corned Beef or Cornish?


Offline Matium



Pasties are the pieces that cover the nipples.

Offline iPad3

I like to vary it outfit, underwear etc next one is going to be butt naked with a girl is see every few months, during Wimbledon last year I got a girl to wear the full tennis outfit.....quality!!!

Offline Johny Stone

I like to see them dressed like this:


Offline yorkshire123


This for me too, no knickers or shoes  :cool:

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My regular always waits for me dressed up as a secretary/manager. However one thing was missing. So i decided to buy it for her - sexy black seamed hold-ups  :wacko:

Now she is my perfect director  :wacko:

But i have another idea on the way. I love pin-up girls. Well i will have to speak to her about it... :blush:

Offline tonysoprano

Bra, panties, anything tight and skimpy. Unless I've asked for a specific uniform that's usually what I expect. First impressions can often lead to an instant boner which is usually the precursor to a decent shag!
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Offline CBPaul

Lingerie doesn't do much for me, much prefer everyday clothes. Something tight though, jeans, leggings, that sort of thing. Best ever was a tight mini dress on a size 8 frame with plenty of playing before it came right off. Worst was requesting a pair of nice tight skinny jeans, which looked fantastic as she had an amazing arse, only for her to half heartedly wiggle about a bit, grumpily say 'they OK then' and proceed take them off and tell me to lay on the bed - mood killed.

Offline bigone

A tight pair of shorts and a small top  :thumbsup:

Offline Happylad

A blouse and flowing skirt with absolutely no underwear underneath. To slide my fingers between the buttons of a blouse and encounter a bare breast and responsive nipple, or under a flowing skirt and find a pair of naked plumply rounded cheeks or a tightly closed slit is the biggest turn-on, and I have to confess that just writing this is causing a distinct stirring in the trouser department.


This for me too, no knickers or shoes  :cool:

+1. Knickers optional, FMH's a must.


I prefer a fur coat and no knickers - she can wear what she likes.  :D

Offline Simplysimon

Quite simple really ,

What I love to see behind the door is the lady in the profile , same age , looks and services that are advertised , not bothered how she's dressed as it's all coming off anyway

Offline Sparquin

No real preference so long as I can see she has gone to some trouble to make herself appealing. Last one had pink bikini and fuck me high heels on. The one before civvy clothes with super lingerie underneath. Both much appreciated.

Something white like this with panties underneath.

My best punt was when I brought along a white blindfold and white velcro cuffs as well. She was into  tie and tease as much as I was!

Offline Paul31

I see my regular in a hotel and she always leaves the door on the latch. I walk in and there she is in nice black underwear laying on the bed showing off her sexy tattooed and and tanned body

Offline broksonic

I prefer she is fully clothed. Because I like to see her strip before we get down to business
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Offline RedKettle

I once asked a regular to be naked and as soon as I was through the door to get my trousers down, kneel and go with OWO.  Lovely.

Also mentioned that fantasy to the OH - I call her to let her know I am coming home early but it never happens!

As long as it's not anything like this, I am happy!


As long as it's not anything like this, I am happy!

Daym, the Info Seeker photo has been leaked!   :D

Most times I am grateful if they are not carrying a weapon, or look like the back end of a bus. The 'hiding behind the door' moment is terrible

Offline infoseeker

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Offline pleasure

Everyday clothes for me. Not sure why, but that does it for me more than any number of sexy outfits would. I think it just adds to the "girl next door" vibe that I enjoy. It's fun to see them wearing just the same thing they would if I saw them in the street - and fun to strip them out of it too.

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