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Author Topic: Best Punt Ever!  (Read 958 times)

Offline aerofan5

The All Time Greatest Punt.

Don't know if this has been done before, but here goes with my all time best ever punt - it was a paid punt but it was free to me, so you can't get better than that.

I was a 35 year old engineer, working for an American company, based in UK, and visited the head office in Indianapolis a couple of times a year, usually as part of some sales promotion.

This time was at the Memorial Day meeting at the end of May and attracted many clients who were treated to the Indy 500 race meeting.

The after race party was in the Sheraton and my American boss had a supermodel girlfriend with him (not his wife!).

Half way through the evening one of my colleagues came rapidly across to me and said “Follow me and do exactly as I tell you!”.  I was introduced to the supermodel, Adriana, and we were informed by the colleague that we were an item for the evening.

It became obvious why, when I saw my bosses wife, a total harridan, who had just flown in unannounced from Florida with her lawyer in tow.

I was interrogated as to the relationship and this went on for some time, with my other colleagues avoiding us like we had the plague - bastards!

We escaped at Adriana’s suggestion that we had jet lag and were both very tired, and retreated to my hotel room with the wife’s beady eyes on us.

As we closed the door she peeled off her dress, grabbed me, and said that I was the best bonus that she could imagine, and a whole heap better than my boss, who only wanted her as ‘Arm Candy’.

She was a model and a professional and very highly paid escort, and she was the best sex I have ever had before or since. We did pretty much all of the Kama Sutra positions and we spent most of the night hooting with laughter between my four very prolonged ejaculations.

I took one phone call during the night and was assured that my boss was seriously grateful as I had got him out of a major jam! - Result!!

Anybody else with their greatest?

Was it the supermodel Adriana Lima?

Offline webpunter

Lucky or what:   stunner / free / mega sex & your boss is impressed as you got him out of a jam

Offline aerofan5

No, this was a long time ago, before Adriana Lima was born.

Offline aerofan5

to Webpunter -

The most gratifying bit was how my street cred went up within the company - I had more offers of sex from the girls than I could handle, it was quite unbelievable!

Offline webpunter

The most gratifying bit was how my street cred went up within the company - I had more offers of sex from the girls than I could handle, it was quite unbelievable!
Marvellous.  The arm candy could have easily fucked off & would have still been paid no probs.  But she chose to shag your brains out.  And then you get minge benefits afterwards [meant to write fringe - i do wish UKP has a line thru option]. Bet your boss doesn't ever ask any Q's about your expenses !  You'd deffo have been 1st on his list as a company 'wing man'.  If you change jobs & the interviewer asks like "can you detail a tricky business problem that you have overcome etc" then you have one answer up your sleeve.  If the guy interviewing was the person you would be working for, and looked like a player, then this could be shit-or-bust answer.  Especially if things weren't going that well

Offline webpunter

Forgot to ask - how much do you reck would she charge - current prices ?

Offline aerofan5

This was a topic that we covered during our conversations. Back in the 1970's when this took place, the term supermodel was not used, and she was not at that time an international model. She became fairly well known in the fashion business, but not a front page girl. This was pre-InterNet times, so I never saw much about her again.

She apparently charged by the day, not by the hour, and she was on a retainer for the whole week of the promotion. She was a little concerned as to whether she would get her full fee, but expected around $3500. This when I was earning around $500 (£250 approx) per week.

Seriously gorgeous though, and she was super enthusiastic!

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