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Author Topic: lovingthelove  (Read 1134 times)

Offline marco.f

Any info on her?


She claims to be English. In the gallery there are some (real?) photos together with clearly fake ones.

Two feedback in the "rating" are clearly false (the classic "treat her well"...).

Thanks  :hi:

4 review(s) found for Englishanalqueen linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline bigone

She looks great but 120 a hour and 20 extra for owo
I pass.

Offline LL

But at £60 for 30 minutes though - seems good to me - especially as I don't want OWO anyway.
strange though that the pictures are watermarked with supreme69 - an agency I used a few times - years ago, when I would pay a minimum of £100 for 20 minutes.  How come they let her use their pictures and go independent (obviously not through an agency at this rate).
I'm very interested.  So if somebody wants to take one for the team and let me know how it goes...  ;)

Offline mrfixit37

They look well photo shopped photos  and doubt she's English. I'm no Shakespeare but there's a few obvious spelling mistakes in her profile.
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Offline mrfixit37

I take it all back the girl is a legend. I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs and thought sod this I'm having a look and take one for the team. She's 100% English  and hot !!!!  I asked her about the photos and she said she worked for that agency  a few years ago and they. Insisted  on her having professional photos done and guess what?.. have their own photographer to do them  so she had to pay for them to be done ( seems like a nice scam) . she got no work from them so left and took her photos with her of which she uses. They really don't do her any justice . she's absolutely gorgeous.

Review to come.

Offline LL

Thanks for the update.  I would have kept quiet about it for a few weeks ;)

Offline mrfixit37

Offline mrfixit37

Thanks for the update.  I would have kept quiet about it for a few weeks ;)

 I suppose so but all about sharing the knowledge.



Can you confirm services offered and if you did pay the extra for OWO and/Or Anal?


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