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Author Topic: Where do you like to cum?  (Read 3460 times)

Offline Matium

On her face ? or on her boobs? or inside her in a condom?

Offline Matium

I don't see any point cumming in  a condom but I love painting her face.


Offline gorge

In her mouth for a bit of snowballing

Offline CBPaul

Sunk to the nuts, got used to condoms now - a case of having to. In her mouth is OK, providing she's sucking away, but doesn't quite seem to hit the spot for me.

Offline JV547845

I can get caught up in the heat of the moment and cum in her in a condom too but I prefer to cum on her face or tits and then lick it off and share it with her before she reaches for the baby wipes.

Offline Toshiba

I used to get paranoind about cum in mouth "they must do it" but most rush off and spit the fucker out.

Ive yet to be cleaned up , still sucking type CIM but i aim to "do" that one day

Facials are good

Offline Loki

tits, face, mouth, ass.... anywhere but inside a cover...


Offline pleasure

Usually just end up filling a condom, hard to resist shooting my load if it's a good fuck. Prefer to unload in a girl's mouth or over her face if it's on offer though.

Open willing mouth, face, hair


Offline iPad3

Depends how things are going for me so it varies, I do find that the orgasm is more pleasurable when inside though.

Offline SirFrank

My favourite is emptying my toxic sour cream into the lucky lady's mouth. I'm usually backed up by at least 3 days so it's usually a mouthful. I've had a few girls show me exhibit A before swallowing the lot. It has to be swallowed though - I don't like it dribbled back out over my old fella or (oral Hayley)  spat down the sink. I imagine that girl must spend a fortune on Mr Muscle unblocking her sink.

I'm paranoid as fuck so if I do empty my love juice inside a condom, I take it with me. Fuck leaving it behind so I can be set up on some fucking DNA bum rap and end up doing 5-10 in the pen.
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

My favorite is to cum as the tongue the tip and hand job it on to a pretty smile. Doesn't happen often though.

Randy James

Online webpunter

Nice oily tit-wank
The harry-munk seems to nicely slide over oiled tits
Helps when the tits are nicely tanned up - the 'harry' shows up better
Enables me to see how big a load produced & how far i can get this to fly - hitting the chin is a bonus
Although the WG's don't like it in their hair :)

Offline Stiltskin

I like to shoot my load over a girls stomach and pubic area, watching it dribble down onto her pussy before rubbing it in with my hand. The trouble is most girls I've seen treat spunk like it's sulphuric acid. So I've yet to experience this.

In porn I like to see a good facial or cum on the tits, but in real life I find that is rarely very satisfying so I usually just finish inside her.

Offline Johny Stone

Tits or mouth for me. I like them to swallow as well

Has to be during sex, I just don't think you get the full effect of the orgasm if you're not still inside pumping away. (Covered ofc)
Only exception is if she's really good at owo/cim and will continue sucking/deepthroating as you are shooting, thats pretty fucking epic if shes good

Offline socks

Horses for courses for me. If I'm having a real good gfe, cumming (protected) in her cunt or arse adds to the illusion of passion, so I do that sometimes. A couple of girls have let me cum on their arseholes, which I found a really big thrill. Mostly though I do facials even though they are less satisfying than cumming inside her. Open mouthed ones are best for me especially really wide so I can see my spunk, not just on her face and hair but on her tongue, teeth and back of her mouth, ideally before a swallow! Most recently discovered the joy of dt cumming, rarely offered but could become my cum destination of choice!

Like the old lady who swallowed a fly

insider her inside her inside

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