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Author Topic: Natural or shaved  (Read 1741 times)

Offline blueboy99

I have found recently that most girls I see are shaved. What do people prefer? I have started to want to meet a natural girl, can anyone recommend any in south London area?

Offline LL

I prefer shaved.  It's what I've seen in porn-mags throughout my teen years.  Seems more hygienic as well.

Shaven for sure - better for RO, better for everything  :cool:

Offline jjpsweet

Shaved all the way. The only hair I want to see on a woman is on her head.

Shaved. Looks better.

When going down on her the last thing you want is finding your way through a rainforest.

Offline Anadin

Shaved all the way. The only hair I want to see on a woman is on her head.


Offline Matium

A woman should be shaven "down there".

I don't think it's feminine otherwise.

Agreed regarding RO, but needs to have been recently shaved- stubble should be on me not on her. I actually quite like a well-trimmed bush; quite a severe pruning you might say.

Offline wristjob

Only seen 1 girl in years who was natural - not great. Shaved every time

Hairy preferred but hardly ever found any. I do not mean excessively hairy which is usually a sign of a hormonal problem like polycystic ovaries, just normally hairy.

Offline itk

Shaved every time. I'd probably run if there was a growler down there. :scare:

Offline Sparquin

During my youth girlie mag girls were always natural and shaven appeared somewhat bizarre. However after starting punting I can safely say that shaven is my strong preference.

A landing strip is the most I can go for. I would add that waxed or depilated beats shaven for me: there is always stubble of some sort which can take the edge off my fave activity, RO.


I saw a girl with well-trimmed bush (but shaved lips) recently, it was actually a nice change. It also reminded my of my rather fevered sexual explorations as a teenager, back before shaving was commonplace.

Offline Benedict

My chinese girlfriend was natural & had a beautiful 'Map 'o' Tazzie' . . .

{Aussie term}

Spent many a fun time down there.

  ;)  ;)  ;)
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Offline Loki

landing strip for me please...

or a small triangle...


Offline Toshiba

Mainly shaven

But a nice trimmed cunt is sexy as long as the lips are bare

Offline SirFrank

The undercarriage at least has to be bald. I like a porn pussy - little bit of trimmed hair on top but shinny underneath. I can't be doing with a clodge. Yuk. I do prefer completely bald though
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shaved. Although a trimmed triangle or landing strip  is a huge turn-on for me

Au naturel or trimmed gets my motor running.

I quite like the sound of the shaven underside and natural on top style too.

Offline socks

I prefer fully shaved but for some reason find it a turn on if I'm rimming a girl I really fancy and she has some hairs around her arsehole  :unknown:

Offline Bond

Shaved all the way. The only hair I want to see on a woman is on her head.


Offline JV547845

Saw a girl with shaved labia and a bit on top last night (Brazilian maybe).  It didn't get in the way - a hairy cushion beats stubble rash on your nose actually.

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