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Author Topic: Jessica 23 - good, but not great SP sub OWO a bonus - Basingstoke  (Read 2186 times)

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Not really 100% about this one. Service wasn't what I was expecting going into it, but that's mainly my expectations rather than what was offered beforehand. I got some good services and it was a good cum within the time so that makes it a "positive" overall, minus the cum it probably would've been a "neutral".

I had contacted Jessica by AW email the weekend before, trying to arrange a meet in Bournemouth but the timings didn't match up for the Friday. She offered Saturday and I asked for 3 o'clock. She agreed and asked for a AW booking as she wants her feedback score to go up. Come 1 o'clock and I was just leaving home (it's a 2 hour drive) and she texts me asking me to ring her. I ring, and she tells me she has to leave the hotel room at 2 o'clock! I ask what's going on, and she says there's been confusion with the booking and they need the room for someone else. Pissed off, I ask if she can get something else sorted and she says she might get another room, but tries to suggest, obliquely, that's it's my fault for not getting there earlier! I cancel at that point and ignore her attempts to get me to leave her positive feedback on the promise of "making it up to me next time".

Cut to the next weekend and I'm back home from up north so I look around AW to see what's available. I see Jessica's profile is green and has Basingstoke as the location. An hour closer to me and easier to get to hotels - game on! I phone on the Friday and ask about Friday evening appointments, but she's got nothing available so offers 9.30 Saturday morning instead. I accept as the little brain is ruling the situation. She confirms and lets me know she's hornier in the mornings - yeah, yeah thinks I.

Saturday morning I text her at 7 to confirm we're still on and she answers promptly to confirm. Also says that the battery on her phone is dying as she's forgot her charger so gives me the room number there and then. I make my way to the hotel and head up to the room.

I knock on the door and she answers in a pink dress and stockings. Looks good, but I had requested she wore something else (to which she had agreed to) so a little disappointed. We then DFK and that's good before tumbling on the bed for a bit of GFE style kissing and cuddling. Good, but not what I'm after so I cut it short by telling her to get undressed. She gets off the bed (to strip, I assume) but goes off into the bathroom to "put something else on". Weird, and slightly annoying, but she comes back in a basque underwear combination which looks good so we move on with things. I'm in my boxers by this point so she pulls at the front of them, saying she wants to "see him" and "give him a kiss". That's the other thing about Jessica - she has this "porno teen" vibe about her when she gets going, which can be good but as I've seen her a few times it's clearly put on and somewhat of a routine. Anyway, she starts sucking the old chap (without, of course) and it's good. She lets me move her head around, is happy with me fucking her mouth and gets into the spirit of things with some passable DT attempts that end up producing a lot of saliva. It's the high-point of the meet for me. We then have some RO with liberal fingering before I get the mac on and begin banging her in mish. She moans and groans as she's getting fucked (see comment about porno teen routine) but also manages some good dirty talk about how much of a slut she is. I enjoy myself but need sone more OWO to finish, so it's off with the rubber and she's back on duty between my legs. I finish with me standing in front of the mirror and her on her knees sucking me off until I unload in her mouth. She takes the whole load without a complaint and sucks me dry before heading to the bathroom to spit.

I'm offered a shower, take it and she asks to join me. We soap each other up for a bit before drying off and leaving separately for our cars.

All in all, as the intro says a bit of a strange one for me. The cum is a big factor in deciding a positive or negative AFAIC and the cum was a good one. The slightly sub aspect to the DT was also good, so those together will see me going back for a repeat visit. The porno teen routine is the rough to take with the smooth I suppose.

1 review(s) found for Blonde Layla linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline a10

Yeah. She seems to have gone off AW. She's done it before, so maybe she'll be back. Updating her profile maybe?  :unknown:

Or maybe she's made enough cash for now?

Offline Stiltskin

Can you give us a brief description of what she looks like? Age/face/body?

Offline a10

From her PG on the profile I linked to. Good representation of what she looks like facially - boobs are slightly bigger and she's got a little more round the waist. Age wise she's 25/26 I'd say.

Offline yorkshire123

Cheers for the review a10, she looks & sounds like one for the future  :hi:
Its a shame you broke her though  :cool:
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Offline a10

Its a shame you broke her though  :cool:

Ha ha! Not me, she's more than capable of taking what I can give her I'm sure  :D

Offline Stiltskin

From her PG on the profile I linked to. Good representation of what she looks like facially - boobs are slightly bigger and she's got a little more round the waist. Age wise she's 25/26 I'd say.

Ahh, I know the one. I've not seen her myself, but she's meant to be a bit of a stunner.

Offline a10

She's back, with profile as the link in my field report.

Might look at booking a little return visit  :yahoo:

Offline gheema

Used to be roxy 23 and did a duo with Aimee 23

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