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Author Topic: Good value escorts in Westminster?  (Read 879 times)

Offline billyjo

I'll be stopping at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge for the Bank Holiday weekend and just wanted to get an idea of what the areas like for punting.  Is there much on offer in the area?  I'm not familiar with London and never punted there before.  I usually like to pay around £80 per hour, would I be able to get a decent escort for this price? 

I put in 2 mile radius of hotel postcode and £1-£80/hr and got 49 results.

Most have zero feedback so I reckon you will have to TOFTT if £80 is your budget.

To answer your question "would I be able to get a decent escort for this price?", probably not.

No, you aren't going to find any attractive escorts in central London for £80 p/h.
Pick one of the following that you are prepared to move on - 1) location within London, 2) half hour vs hour slot or 3) price (could you go to £100?) and I can give you some recommendations. To illustrate - You are a 15 minute bus ride away from a gorgeous Portugese wg - but she's £140 for the hour - £70 for mins.

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