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Author Topic: Hannah facial whore?  (Read 3869 times)

Offline snagz

 https://www.adultwork.com/2089777 or https://www.adultwork.com/hannah%5Ffacialwhore

Anyone visited Hannah? Looking at the reviews of the Portsmouth girls there's a trend that the British girls are generally good, thinking about paying her a visit. Thoughts?

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Tried contacting her but she wanted to use some phone app instead for contact.  :unknown:
Would have been a hassle for me to set up so didn't bother.

Offline radrats

I had same problem with her, but i did actually have the app on my phone as my daughter asked me to use it one time. However when I used it she said she had a male partner who could join us. I told her I didn't want this and things went from bad to worse and she accused me of being a timewaster because it said on my AW profile that I was into couples. I would still like to see her tho.

Offline snagz

Yeah cheers guys, I saw she mentioned something about an app or messaging service I don't have. Why not just stick to texting and the AW emailing thing. Decided to try an older woman next now.

Offline snakeuk

Her and her partner appear on a couple of swinger sites.

Offline riskytimes

So today i thought i would give her a go !! messaged via AW after some time she did manage to reply saying i needed to sign up to KIK app message service. i did this as its free and then messaged her to say i had done this. she then asks for my KIK name which i send.

and as diana ross sang ..........................................I'm still waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

time wasting silly girl me thinks

I contacted her, she told me to download the app. Downloaded the app and contacted her. She asked me for a face picture then went quiet. Finally she messaged me back to say I wasn't her type!

Offline bebobdado

feeling like a bit of an idiot right now, should have read this before

same experience as guy_of_fifty

asked for face pic and i sent, then she goes quiet

now shes got my face pic

since when do escorts only see guys who are their type? You fuck guys your type for free
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