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    Author Topic: Kylie Flirt and Wendy.x  (Read 1877 times)

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    Had to get to Plan G in my list due to everyone busy and went for Kylie who was on my HL with a special offer of duo with Wendy. Had high hopes but alas.

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]
    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Comms were good till I got the room number. Given the wrong number but thankfully my knocking was to an empty room or it could have been a touch embarrassing.
    Entered the correct room and both girls look as their pics. Kylie is a little heavier as others have said but is bubbly. Wendy is hot but had a look as if to say "oh god, do I have to?". Still, I was hopeful.
    Started off and it was great. Thought this was going to be amazing. Kylie gives a wet, sloppy kiss and Wendy is a no tongues girl. They got me naked and both got to work taking turns.
    Kylie went on top and when tired swapped with Wendy. When she got tired I was told to doggy her. After a good 5 minutes of this I could sense a feeling of boredom around the room. Them whispering to each other in Hungarian and me realising that things were going downhill rapidly. Kylie decided I was to "cum in her mouth" and told me to lie on the bed.
    Both girls worked on me again with Kylie going for it OWO. This got me to pop my load but of instead of in her mouth she decided to let me cover myself in cum.  :dash: Great, thanks a lot, just what I wanted when you said I was going to cum in your mouth.

    At this point there was the normal going to get tissues and they cleaned me up a little and let me clean myself up a bit too. Errm, ta.  :(

    About 30 mins up I guessed and we just all lay there. Bored. I tried a bit of conversation but this was just tedious. Got asked 3 or 4 times to go and take a shower (to waste as much time as possible I'd guessed). I asked for some more kisses off both of them and this was ignored. After 10 minutes I thought fuck this and got up to put my clothes on and go.
    At this point I reckon they'd guessed I wasn't exactly pleased so suddenly they started to annoy me by playing with making it difficult to get dressed as if to make me stay a bit longer. I evaded the "Did you have a great time?" and "Will we see you again?" questions.
    Checked my phone on leaving, 45 mins out of the hour.

    Price for a duo
    Kylies OWO is good.

    Wrong Room number given
    No CIM
    Conversation was difficult
    No second try
    Was in the room 45 minutes out of an hour.

    Overall, 3 out of 10.
    Would I go back? No
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    Offline iPad3

    Sorry to hear you had a shit punt, both girls are on my HL, will be removing them shortly, cheers

    Offline herbie007

    Sorry to hear your session didn't go so well, I've had a few duo’s with Hungarian girls and I found they hardly interact with each other as much as I would have liked and IMO Hungarians are better when working alone.

    I've seen both Kylie and Wendy but separately and found them both to be a good shag, Kylie was more of a fun naughty girl type and was right up for it, she sucked my cock dry and played with my spunk before swallowing but I’m not sure if she would have done that if Wendy was there.

     Whereas Wendy was more of the quieter type, mind you saying that I did piss her off by wanting to shag the girl who opened the door for me instead of her, but fair play to her as she still showed me a good time and I would still go back to shag them both but not together.

    Thanks for this review, its been a while since someone reviewed Kylie. I've got both girls on my HL but never got around to seeing them as their location is a bit far off for me to travel.  Its a shame they moved from West Kensington. Are they working from a hotel now?

    Would love to see Kyle alone as she seems the bubbly type.

    Tony Montana

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    My experience was similar to the OP, it was a full on decent session for about 40 mins but when I had cum twice I was offered a shower (probably because I was a sweaty fucker, literally) but then when I got out of the bathroom they had put their clothes back on.  It wasn't until I was out that I realised there was about 15 mins of the 1 hour punt still to go.

    So, a good punt while it lasted, but I was short timed and once you have left the hotel you can hardly go back in for your missing 15 minutes.

    Seen both girls in Duos but not with each other when in West Ken, no interaction between them. Wendy is better looking but didn't really smile much. The best out of the group IMO was Jessie kiss, cim and very pretty and quite good fun.

    Offline LL

    Thanks OP for sharing your experience.  It was interesting to read and has proven to me again that threesomes are often a disappointment.  I've never booked a threesome before - would like to but it's a lot of money to shell out and you add in to the mix another variable (i.e. another person) and then it increases the possibilities for things going badly.

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