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Author Topic: Brittney Debute  (Read 2137 times)

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Offline jawill


I first saw Brittney in Torquay back in May and she blew me away with her beauty, personality and how good she was in the sack.  I was in Cardiff this weekend and sent her a message Friday asking if she was busy.  Unfortunately, she was but said she would let me know if she had any free time.  Fortunately, that night I had another message saying  "Tomorrow at 2pm?" - needless to say, the answer was a resounding YES in an instant.

Prior to meeting her I told her I didnt want her to dress up all slutty,  no stockings, no lingerie, I just said wear normal clothes, wear something you would wear out today if you were heading into town, bearing in mind it was a hot day. 

I turned up, eventually finding her apartment - I knew which area she was in as all escorts seem to use the same large development in Cardiff Bay, but finding the "house" proved a little challenging.  Anyway, the door opened and as usual, she hid behind the door as I walked in.

What greeted me was, well, put it this way, I thought I had died and there was an angel infront of me.  Ok, imagine this:

Brittney stood there infront of me, long, shiny, straight silky smooth blonde hair down to he lower back, the most mesmerizing intensely blue eyes, a grey sleveless sweat shirt sorta thing which showed off her perfect breasts, tiny Hollister cut off denim shorts/hotpants, and white converse trainers.  OMFG!

She remembered me from Torquay and greeted me with a big kiss and a cuddle.  Money exchanged, she disappeared for a minute before coming back in.  Honestly, I had to just look at her for a few minutes, turn her around etc, she looked fooking unbelievable.  No word of a lie, if she walked out looking how she did, cars would crash from guys turning to look at her.  You had to be there to see her. 

Her figure is perfect, size 8, no fat on her, her breasts are the perfect size, and those legs and ass, oh god, that ass in the shorts.  Anyway, we stood for a while kissing, she is really passionate, amazing to kiss, but its her eyes which draw you in the most, they are  stunning blue.  I grabbed her ass in her shorts, and run my hands up her legs which were incredibly smooth and silky, recently waxed I think.   She pushed me onto the edge of the bed and as I was sitting there she sat on my knee, then put her arms around my neck and put her legs across me, and kept kissing me really passionately. 

Took off her top and there was a pretty white lace bra, and down came the shorts to reveal matching small white lace panties.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop.  I pushed her up against the wall, arched her back towards me and pulled down her panties to reveal the most incredible ass, delicious asshole and totally shaved pussy.  Needless to say I spent a while down there as she grinded her pussy into my face moaning.  Turning around she pushed me onto the floor, more kissing and my jeans were off.

Im now laid on the bed and I tell her, lets do 69.  She looks as me with THOSE eyes, and said, "hey, im in control here, im the boss" before giving me the most amazing deep throat while maintaining eye contact constantly.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven again.  The BJ was even more intense than I remember in Torquay.  It was incredible.  She did this for some time, her technique is awesome, eye contact constantly, even a little cheeky wink while she is balls deep.  She then stopped, stood on the bed, squatted over my face and lowered her shaven pussy onto my face, where she remained for some time until she came.

Sex followed which was equally as amazing, first up missionary where she proceeded to put those long legs up over my shoulders and pull me towards her for kisses, while making the penetration even deeper, bit of passionate spooning, doggy, had her over the desk in the room, on the floor, needless to say we ended up two very sweaty hot bodies.

Eventually, as much as I didnt want to stop, I pulled out, whipped off the rubber and told her I was going to cover her tits in cum.  She responded with a smile, turned herself lengthways across me and held her tits up ready for the cum.  Needless to say, I emptied bucket loads over them and she played with it a bit, rubbing the cum into her nipples.

She cleaned herself up after a snog, and came back in the room with just a towel on, laid next to me on the bed, more kissing and a long cuddle, chatting about her, her place in University back in Poland in October, her family, etc.  We could have laid there for ages, but time was against me, not that she was checking, but I had to be somewhere else.  Besides i'd already gone over my hour booking, again, not realising until I left.  I had a shower, wished her farewell and left with the biggest smile and spring in my step.

I've been punting for about 15 years, seen god knows how many girls, and not many make it into the top 10 of all time.  Brittney is up there as probably one of the best punts I have ever had.  I dont think there is nothing I can really fault with that meeting, except I wanted to stay there all night!  Imagine waking up to that body and those eyes!!

She finishes in October, forever.  Guys, you have about 2 months to see her.  Regardless how far you have to travel, trust me, she is worth the journey!!  10/10 !!

6 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline PuntingPete

Sounds like I kissed out big time there, I sent her a msg on Saturday but she couldn't fit me in  :cry:

Glad you had a good time, she sounds like a real gem  :drinks:

We should all ring her a few times over the next couple of weeks to persuade her to come back and pay the green green grass of home another visit before she returns to her homeland :angelgirl:
Let's hope if see does go back home, the lure of easy money will prove too much of a temptation. :drinks:

Offline Salt

Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline PuntingPete

Prices gone up......
Different prices for different areas probably, from what I've read she's worth £140 anyway

Offline jawill

To be honest, the way she looked last weekend and the service she gave, plus the time spent I would have paid 200 

To be honest, the way she looked last weekend and the service she gave, plus the time spent I would have paid 200

If she comes back to Wales and her prices are £200 I will find you and hurt you  :P

Offline PuntingPete

If she comes back to Wales and her prices are £200 I will find you and hurt you  :P


From what her profile said I think it unlikely she will return anyway  :(

Offline peroni77

I asked her when I seen her if she was planning on coming back before she left for good, she said she very busy for next couple of months so don't sound promising, pity really she's awesome and absolutely stunning too, right up there with the best I've seen

Offline jawill

I asked her a similar question and I was told she wouldn't be back. She is using the money to pay for her law degree back in Poland. I then went on to imagining her as a sexy hot lawyer but that's another story lol

Anyway, I believe the answer is no. Get in before October!

Offline jawill

Just noticed she has put 19th August  - 3rd Sept she is back in Cardiff . Then she goes to Jersey, and then that's it.

I'll be seeing her again in Cardiff for sure.

Offline peroni77

Happy days...yeah I definitely be seeing her again if she coming back to Cardiff, she's awesome fair play

Offline Sepiroth

managed to get advance  booking in  :D i figured she'd be snapped up by everyone when she gets here.
already bricking it though.. this would be my second punt in two years  :scare:

Offline SirFrank

I've seen her likes list but does she offer DFK and owo?
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Offline Sepiroth

ive done my homework and from ive read she loves both

 :hi: I've been fortunate enough to have seen her in Bristol & cardiff  and can confirm that she does both, extremely well :lol:
I will defiantly be booking to see her next week :lol:

Offline jawill

By the way.....  The  £1 fee is well worth it to see her private gallery. 

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