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Author Topic: Jenny Sexy XXX  (Read 1922 times)

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Offline drwho

Or https://www.adultwork.com/jenny+sexy+xxx

I've had quite a few shit cheap Hungarians to know better, but last week I found a great one (review to follow)
With this recent memory I was feeling optimistic about striking gold twice in a row...WRONG!

Comms were good. Necessity made texting the way to go from the off, only speaking when at the postcode given ('Quality Hotel' in Wembley. If they have to state 'Quality' in the title, it goes without saying it's a shit hotel frequented by whores)

When I phoned on arrival I got
'Give me 5 Minutes' : whore speak for don't plan on anything much happening in the next half hour minimum.
As I waited in the car park she passed me in nicely tight fitting jeans and a skimpy vest.
After getting a bit fed up with waiting I called her after 25 mins and was given instructions to call again from the 1st floor. Finally got in the room to confirm it was definitely her I saw outside earlier.

Jenny asked how long I was staying (30 mins)
Immediately I was warmed that I had to be quick, as the hotel room was being used by her friend.
I made a point of stating that I would still be staying for the 30 minutes.
She was naked by this stage and I was still fully dressed.

It was hot and I needed a shower, non negotiable really.
She warned me to hurry.
After the quickest shower in my life I was given further confirmation as if I needed it that this was going to be a shit punt.

Despite the profile offering the world, there was resistance in every one of my advances.
Kissing to start with was rejected.
She hurried to put a condom on my semi and proceeded to give me a covered wank assisted bj.
Her phone rang so of course she proceeded to answer and have a short conversation in Hungarian.

She then encouraged me to go in doggy. I fancied mish to start which caused a bit of confusion.
Got going for a few moments before a woman bursts into the room.
Not a massive deal for me after the earlier warnings, but caused Jenny to pull me out....

Went for the doggy while I could see the new friend in the mirror sitting on the toilet with the bathroom door open :(

Thought 'what the fuck' and despite a lack of arousal I managed a good few thrusts that resulted in Jenny gasping as if she was pissed off that I was taking liberties in pushing too hard and was causing her pain.
I came at this moment and elected to take another shower.

Tried to lighten the mood with the 2 girls afterwards.
Realising a language barrier I tried simple laughter, saying something like 'oh dear'
It was established that they were cousins from Hungary, but that was as far as it got before I was hassled that there was another customer waiting for the 2nd woman.

The fucking part lasted all of 5 minutes, and in total no more that twelve.

I asked the other woman her name. I wish I could remember what it was as I'd then be able to advise against visiting either of these 2 Hungarian cousins.

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Offline Kentpunt

sounds like a shite punt :/
i had a girl go for a piss with the toilet door open after i came  once, it really is discussing :vomit:

Offline blue

Hidden feedback should have set alarm bells!

Offline drwho

Hidden feedback should have set alarm bells!

You might say so, but last week I had a great one:

£40/30 mins
Hidden Feedback
0 Feedback

Sounds like a certain route to regret I know....
But actually she was a babe and I had a ball (at least for 30 minutes I did)

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Offline drwho

Well 'Horny Sonya' from Wood Green, the (only) decent Hungarian I met
seems to have disappeared to be replaced by 'Curvy Kim' of Uxbridge, on the same profile before I got around to that review.

No idea what Kim is like though

Offline adindas

I met Jenny in Hotel Q in HA9 a few months ago. I can just share the same experience.
I normally do not really complain for that price as long as she is attractive but this is not the case. She is petite; I will say around 5’2” and will look quite difference with those in the pictures.

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