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Author Topic: Edinburgh  (Read 1932 times)

Offline Haulder

Hi, new to the site.
Have been a punter in Edinburgh since the late 90's.

My most recent punts are.

Very pretty, bad photos, she told me that it was intentional as she was worried about being recognised.
All services,(OWO, CIM, DFK), enthusiastically provided.

I've seen her 3 times. Terrific body, nice girl.

Seen her twice. Genuine looker. Maybe a wee bit older than she claims to be.
Nice flat, good attitude.

One of the few I've met who really seemed into it. An intense experience.
Flat and area are not so good.

Nice girl, great body. Up for pretty much anything can't wait to see her again.

Good looking girl but service is tentative and reluctant.
No plans to see her again unless she raises her game.

Told me after she'd taken the money that she had a throat infection so OWO, CIM and kissing were off the menu.

Not the girl in the pictures and no OWO, DFK or CIM. Just shrugged when I asked why.

Plan to see these either or both of these 2 this week.
Would appreciate any info on them.

Thanks for the info Haulder  :thumbsup:

Haven't seen either of the two you mentioned at the bottom of your post however.

Offline BigFred

Thanks for the info Haulder.

Offline Mr_oizo

im going down to Edinburgh tonight. cant pick a girl to punt on! any more reccomendations

Nice short sharp reviews...... I need to get better at doing that lol

Offline Haulder

im going down to Edinburgh tonight. cant pick a girl to punt on! any more reccomendations

Try https://www.adultwork.com/april%2Dagain she prefers late night bookings. I once saw her at 1am.

https://www.adultwork.com/pretty%5Fbella I haven't met her but I did meet her friend who she was working with at the same flat and it was ok. Same girl as pictures and all services offered.

But the pickings are a bit slim on a Sunday night.

Offline f_angel

Good info thanks, let us know how you get on with the other two...
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Offline carlisle78

Good info thanks.

Agree about PennieLane.

I'm very interested in Katy22 and Gina27.
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