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Author Topic: Alexia.girl.gfe and horny.sexy.girl of SOUTHEND/ROAMING  (Read 896 times)

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Offline matt0

Hi, first post here but it will save any readers some punting cash.

Firstly these 2 profiles are actually both the same girl.

[[Link hidden, login to view]]
[[Link hidden, login to view]]

She is not the girl in either pictures nor is she 27 or 28 more like 35.

Ok shes not Ugly but she has saggy tits and arse (i dont mind if im seeing a WG milf etc or have seen the pics but i was expecting young firm WG), she advertises kissing and also agrees to kissing on the phone but she does not!
She does not do OWO even tho she said she would prior but apparently she offers Bareback for £20 extra!!!

This WG is a total waste of air, space, time and money.


numbers to watch for


Happy Punting!!

Offline matt0

yes it went ahead, foolishly i thought i.d make the most of it. she wasn't interested at all, you could tell she was just in it for money and no pleasure for herself, tried to boss me about and tell me to hurry up and cum after ten mins... I wasnt impressed and wasn't having none of it. I got my moneys worth just about but I wouldn't do it again.

Offline yorkshire123

Sorry to read about your bad punt matt  :hi:

I must say that i would have thought a member of 9 months standing would have known the power of checking this site for signs of wrongdoing prior to splashing the cash  :unknown:

She was highlighted as a Suspected AdultWork Scam in January and a simple search using her phone number would have revealed that fact.
One small consolation is that we now can confirm her as a b&s and a poor provider, for that i thank you  :hi:

[[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

Town:    Manchester
County:    Greater Manchester
Region:    North West
Country:    United Kingdom
Member Since:    14/01/2014

[[Link hidden, login to view]]
[[Link hidden, login to view]]
[[Link hidden, login to view]]
[[Link hidden, login to view]]
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Offline matt0

ah mate tell me about it, been punting for over a decade... ur right i should have seen it coming!!! I was in a rush sometimes i like a gamble. TBH i've had worse LOL

Offline Jimmyredcab

I was in a rush sometimes i like a gamble.

If you want to gamble visit a casino, you might even win.     :hi: :hi:

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