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Author Topic: Looking for real PSE two girl  (Read 876 times)

Offline sebd

Hi, I'm now in the position to make a fantasy of a filthy PSE two girl punt a reality. There are a few threads about the polish girls who do appeal but don't interact or really do PSE. I thought it might be an idea to get a thread together with details of other girls who work together. I'm local to Birmingham but I'm willing to travel for the right punt. Any ideas?

Offline temmop

I'd be interested to find out the answer to this.  I've tried twice now (Jenny + Sandy; Amanda + Terri) but both times it's been pretty stale with almost no interaction between the girls, despite stating otherwise pre-booking.

Offline CoolTiger

You didn't mention what your Budget is.

A punting friend recently met up with krissy and a friend of hers whose name I cannot recall. He paid £300 for 1hr, but had a great time with both of them. His comment to me was as follows:

"Had 3sum with the above. They came to solihull at wkend. 300 for the hour. Some fabulous deep three way snogging as banging krissy and girls deep kissed each other. Best bit was the owo, kissing and snowball they did at end.
Negative was they were false and clockwatched so prob won't see again, but recommended as a one off defo".

Krissy has been around for a while, and has also featured on Realpunting site. I'm sure there must be other reviews of her on this site, as I've not checked.

Offline sebd

Thanks for the replies folks. I left the budget out as it's more grey, I'll pay the right price for the right experience. I guess good value and dirty girls is what I'm looking for rather than an exact budget.

So the polish girls, I've heard lots about them working together ie sandy and jenny and Amanda and Teresa. I think there's a dark Alex now to. My understand is there's no interaction between the girls at all?

Offline Juankerr

Neither Jenny or Sandy mention any interaction between each other during their threesome's on their profile's so why assume it?
The threesome they provide ( having sampled it myself ) is purely both of them interacting with you , not each other.
You can apply the above to the Amanda and Linda threesome experience also.

Personally , I have highly enjoyed my threesome's with all four lady's mentioned.  :hi:
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