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Author Topic: Chai Massage -Coventry  (Read 12042 times)

Offline Gobbo

Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster.

i decided to throw this up here as im after a second opinion. I live not far from chai massage  london road, cov, gave them a ring today to see about an appointment for tommorow morning, the conversation went pretty much word for word as follows:Er

Hi, im just wondering what your rates are?

£40 for everything.

Everything? such as?

-At this point thai girl on phone laughs akwardly- just everything.
Sorry my english not so good.

Right.. ok, do you have any time tommorow?

Yes, new girl, young, comming in saturday, youl like her.


Then i setup a time.  ect ect.

Now, in your opinions, what is "everything" they are offering for £40, strikes me as a little cheap for a full "everything". It is advertised as a massage shop yet  know for a fact that the owner is happy the surrounding shop owners are telling people its a brothel due to the increased custom. (overheard a conversation between them)

Is it worth going? Or am i looking at getting a crappy massage followed by a wave by as that is, in their definition, "everything"?
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last time i went there it was owned by laura who is now in lode lane solihull
i saw a girl named lily very pretty all that was on offer was massage + he
lets us know how you get on mite be worth a revisit.

Offline wolfstep


Now, in your opinions, what is "everything" they are offering for £40, strikes me as a little cheap for a full "everything". It is advertised as a massage shop yet  know for a fact that the owner is happy the surrounding shop owners are telling people its a brothel due to the increased custom. (overheard a conversation between them)

Is it worth going? Or am i looking at getting a crappy massage followed by a wave by as that is, in their definition, "everything"?

She just means massage and he to end!! You can get them to strip off but that is all that is on offer. At least the last time that I went which was around 3 weeks ago.

All the best WS.

Offline CovSam

Hi....I made a appointment at 12 today and was told it was £40 for a massage. I did ask if there was any extras and was told you have to ask the girl.

The room was a normal massage room, with a, what looked like a wallpaper pasting board with blankets in top. The girl (or women I could say) look about 30-35 and gave a good massage and that was it. I did ask the question about extra's, but her English was poor and didn't understand any thing I was saying.

I don't thing I will be going there again unless you just want a massage and walking back to the car with a stiff on...:-)

I wish I had read this before. Went last night the massage was with an English girl, she said she had experience, not sure what of though. The massage was lousy and no HE, in fact , the worst massage I have ever had if you could call it that. The woman in charge asked if I had enjoyed it as I was leaving to which I said "Not at all".
Then she said I should ask for her in future.
I will have to think about that before I go there again. There must be somewhere better in Coventry!

Offline wolfstep

 I would not bother.

You used to be guaranteed at least he , in times gone by that I have been quite a bit more,the owner answers the phone you ask for a special massage she says yes ask the  girl.

I was there yesterday butt naked she covered me with a towel as the new Russian girl was working. I asked her to make sure that he was on offer. She said I not sure will ask her, she left the room returned within a minute to say sorry she too nervous.

With that I got up,got dressed and left. They will not stay there long if they only offer legit £20.00 rub downs.

Personally I would say avoid this place in the future.

i did manage to get to try this place and have to be honest that i will not be going back. the actual massage was £40 + £20 for HE!

the massage was very good but the HE was terrible! it was like she has never seen or touched one before! Also the girl who gave me the massage seemed to be a older lady i asked for the younger one who appeared to be wearing stockings! but said no "she not working today"

Offline willbred

i have found these places a waste of space. On the few times I have rung, i have been greeted by someone who can hardly speak english, just the price and street / road. Absolutely sod all to entice me. At least when I call my local takeaway, I get someone who speaks english and gives me a choice...........fried or boiled!
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Offline ScouserRod

Good point willbred-probably better value too !!!

Offline Swagga

Hi all

So I’ve been to Chai Massage in Coventry (http://chaimassagecoventry.co.uk/) 3 or 4 times in the last year or so. The first couple of times the massage was ok. 3rd time was a bit better, had a 1.5 hour session. Although the massage seemed a little unprofessional there were many strokes of the groin area which was nice.

Ive just been back from a massage today and had a 45 min massage....which was by far the best ive had here. I came in originally for a half hour back massage but ended up asking for 15 more mins. When I entered the store I was greeted by the owner (I believe her name is actually Chai) who is probably mid 30's and Chinese. Not bad looking on the face but has what looks like a cracking body. Every time I’ve been in she's been wearing tight jeans, a top and some killer high heels. Today was the same...except she was wearing a blouse.  She showed me to the room and told me that her masseuse from Hong Kong will be massaging me today.

She leaves…I start undressing and half way through the masseuse walks in….which felt a bit awkward to me. The masseuse is pretty and young…probably mid 20’s…around 5’7 (with heels). She was wearing jeans, top and chunky heels. I undress, lay down, tell her I want half hour and the massage begins…and its pretty damn good. Deep but relaxing technique…she hits pressure points perfectly…and even the massage on the arms was relaxing (which has never really done it for me previously).

She kept pushing her thumbs in to certain points on my back which felt great…then also did the same on each of my ass cheeks. She also used the same technique with 2 thumbs but along the inside of my ass crack…from top to pretty much the top of my ball sack. It felt amazing. She was so close to the crack I actually thought at some point she would end up slipping a finger in and giving me a prostate massage.

I was enjoying myself so much that I asked her to add 15 mins to which she massaged both legs from the back. She did this really great technique where she put her hand between my legs ….rubbed relatively hardly near the backs, reached underneath and ran her hand back down my leg from underneath while rubbing the cock a little. Very sensual.

No HE offered by her or asked from me but overall a good massage. She left the room..i got dressed and left to pay the money. She wasn’t around but ‘Chai’ was there…gave her the money and just before I was about to leave I turned around and saw another girl going into the other room dressed in a short black dress and heels. It’s the second time I’ve seen her and got me thinking….how come I never get a massage from her. Lol. I forgot to ask for her name or the masseuses, but if you do end up going id recommend asking for the one from HK. 

Any other experiences of Chai massage….and specifically anyone ever had a massage from the owner or this other woman who’s always in a short dress and heels?

Ive been here a few times, always had a happy ending, first two times had the girl from hong kong very very pretty and fit, she was ok, but a bit to proffessional for me.
Last time i went I had the other girl, not sure where she is from very short skirt and high heels, she was ok got a very cheap HE as i didnt have very much money on me and she was determined to get everything i had on me.
The chinese lady with the very tight jeans, was not a masseuse at all when she first started she was answering the phone , taking the money and cleaning the place up.
As time has gone on she has started doing the massage as well due to public demand, but I havent had a massage with her yet, its on my to do list. Chinese generally speaking are the best masseuse in my experience, they have no inhibitions and will touch you anywhere you want inside or out.
The thing with chai massage is its a bit expensive at £40.00 per hour plus extra for happy ending, think thats £20
Only negative thing I found is it always smells of cigarette smoke.

Tight jeans is Chai. She started off on her own and was doing the massages, she was really good and often gave the old chap a kiss after the HE. She then got other girls in and stopped massaging. I haven't been for a while so not sure if she's doing it again. I found the girls were being swapped a lot and often not very good so I found somewhere else.

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