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Author Topic: Guildford – Chalk and Cheese (secondly the boring chalk)  (Read 796 times)

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Offline Nimo

Secondly Anna – petite blond, probably a size 4-6, probably the girls in the photos but tricky to tell.  Face average 5-6/10.  Well proportioned body (8/10) with a nice shaped B cup (ish) – definitely not a C/D as described in her profile.

In fact her profile is utter bollocks.  She looked miserable from the moment I left until the moment I started getting dressed which is when she started perking up and all of a sudden her English was much better.  When I was asking her to do various things she would pause and then say she didn’t understand or else flat out refuse.  Complained of being cold the whole time despite it being a hot day and warm in the room, didn’t like having her nipples licked and tried to move away, was bossy – ‘take off clothes’ ‘lie down on bed’ etc etc.

On arrival I asked to use the bathroom in order to wash the nether regions etc but she still insisted on a pretty heavy handed wet wipe session before OWO, although to be honest I don’t mind that so much as she’s just protecting herself.

Unresponsive to RO – just lay there playing with a wet wipe.  I suggested we play with the vibrator that was on the bedside cabinet – ‘No. It no work.’

Her OWO was like a jack hammer with no finesse and purely aimed at achieving a quick ending.  I asked her if it was ok to CIM and she said yes, but when I said I was about to come and asked her to slow down she ignored me and then she lifted her head away and smiled at me as I came as if it was some kind of joke to not go through with the CIM.

Rubbish service and attitude – AVOID!  See her friend Carla instead who is great value for money as opposed to a complete ripoff.

Great review and useful info - thanks!

I take it from your other Guildford review, you're talking about this girl:


4 review(s) found for SEXXYANNAXXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Nimo

Yes... That's the one. Pictures and profile make her seem like a great choice if u like em petite but the reality was a massive let down.

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