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Author Topic: Daily Record story about ScotsGirls agancy  (Read 4108 times)

Offline RandyF

LOL! Nice chap.

But lets be fair, every escort agency ever in Scotland has been run by the scum of the earth.

Why guys (plenty on here) happily line there pockets, I've never really understood.  :dash:
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Offline RandyF

He's a real fucking charmer this pimp  :drinks:

Hotel manager jailed for peddling cocaine

Hotel worker accused of robbery

Anyone still up for a *GLASGOW-ESCORTS* Scotlands Premier Escorts,  booking?

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Offline Cactus

He's been accused of trying to spread HIV to women and men.  Ex girl working for him, states in the article that he made her sleep with him before he'd put her on the books.  This is likely commonplace for this pimp.  If I'd booked any of his girls I think that I'd be getting down the GUM Clinic ASAP.

Offline Taggart

He's such a scumbag, I wouldn't be surprised if he's not asked Google to remove the references online to him.

Offline auldie63

Case abandoned just before hearing???  How many of the great and the good does this bastard have the goods on?

Offline RandyF

Case abandoned just before hearing???  How many of the great and the good does this bastard have the goods on?

I suspect the last place on gods earth, the great and the good would use for whores is Scots Girls agency. Fuck anyone with half a brain, would've avoided it.

It was always a "prick with a phone" type operation - it's just we didn't realise that this prick is HIV positive, and liked to road test the merchandise beforehand.  :hi:
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Offline Admin

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He signed up today and posted this pretending to be a punter:

Offline auldie63

I suspect the last place on gods earth, the great and the good would use for whores is Scots Girls agency. Fuck anyone with half a brain, would've avoided it.

So you would credit these superior beings with half a brain? Please don't insult the decent half wits around.

Offline yorkshire123

dont see the story only the headline, wanted to read this too, guy seems to be a prick for sure!!

Just checked & i can read it ok?
I think i had to answer a few stupid survey questions when i first looked but i could be wrong?
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Offline Cactus

Copied and pasted from the record article:

A drug dealer cleared of trying to infect men and women with HIV is the pimp behind a sleazy vice business, we can reveal.

Keith Christie was accused of putting lives at risk by having unprotected sex despite knowing he had the potentially deadly virus.

Ex-hotel worker Christie was also accused of running a prostitution racket that stretched from Glasgow to

But prosecutors dropped charges against him last week just minutes before his trial was due to start.

We can reveal Christie – who called himself Connor – was running Scotsgirls escort agency while awaiting his court date.

We launched an investigation into Christie after being contacted by a former prostitute who claimed he made her have sex with him before giving her a job.

Our reporter made contact with Christie, a convicted cocaine dealer, on his mobile and he quickly set up a meeting in Glasgow city centre.

He asked her to bring along a set of sexy underwear and boasted women at Scotsgirls made more than girls working in the vice trade elsewhere.

Christie said: “What I need is you to bring yourself, some identification so we can check your age and a set of sexy underwear.

“The minimum the girls make is £110, which is pretty much the highest you’ll get in Glasgow with any other agency.

“You can work whenever you want. Everything’s at your own discretion.”

When asked if all his clients would expect her to sleep with them, Christie replied: “Not all clients are looking for that. It just depends on your luck.”

Scotsgirls claimed to be a legitimate escort service offering a range of around 15 women where men can buy their services for £150 an hour. They could also pay up to £800 if they want a girl to spend the night with them.

A mother-of-two contacted the Sunday Mail after she worked briefly for Scotsgirls. Mary was desperately short of cash after the break-up of her marriage. She got in contact in July 2012 with two men, who ran flats in Glasgow city centre through adult websites.

One of them was Christie, who rented a flat from a lawyer and turned it into a brothel.

Mary said: “I met three men through Scotsgirls and had sex with them. I made £450 – and gave £120 of that to Christie. I met the men on each occasion in Oswald Street.

“I had to sleep with Christie first and pose for photographs in my underwear. He took the photos on his mobile.

“I was just short of money. I made a big mistake and regret it now.”

When we confronted Christie following our investigation in 2012, he said: “Scotsgirls are a legitimate escort service.”

Prosecutors refused to say why charges against Christie were dropped. They had alleged that, over a three-year period, he recklessly endangered the lives of both men and women – many of them unknown.

The charge sheet also listed six women who Christie allegedly had unprotected sex with while knowing he was infected with HIV.

Christie, from Kirkcaldy, also faced a separate claim that he was involved in running brothels between 2009 and 2013.

He faced a third allegation that, between those same dates, he lived off the earnings of prostitution.

A Crown Office spokesman said: “The procurator fiscal received a report concerning Keith Christie in connection with incidents that allegedly occurred between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2012.

“The procurator fiscal initiated High Court proceedings, charging him with several charges of culpable & reckless conduct, in addition to further offences.

“It’s the duty of the Crown to keep cases under review and, after full and careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case and taking into account information regarding the available admissible evidence, Crown Counsel decided there should be no further proceedings at this time.”

In March 2010, Christie was jailed for 16 months for peddling cocaine at Fisher’s Hotel in Pitlochry, Perthshire, where he was deputy general manager.

now that l know about it , l wouldn't use them despite what the girls said. The fact that someone believes what wg girls say or trust them ...... is an issue itself.

Never met a reliable or a trustworthy wg in my life  FACT

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