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Author Topic: Lilian Wild in Glasgow  (Read 2357 times)

Just noticed this Swiss WG (https://www.adultwork.com/1203223), and wonder if anyone has had the pleasure. Nice figure, and trimmed pubes.

Offline Luvarug

Did you ever pay her a visit? Saw she's in NIreland now but find it strange she's had a profile for over 4 years but no ratings

Online Santiago

Seen Lillian a couple of years ago when she was using a escort scotland profile.

Not the best looking lady in the world and a bit heavy, photos are let down once you see her in the flesh... :crazy:

Offline Budgie

I agree with Santiago, I saw her a couple of years ago when she was working out the flats at the Royal. She was a on the plump side and her photos were out of date then. Not the bonniest of WGs and I remember it was the first time in years I'd seen an unshaven beaver and her pubes were wild, well overdue for a trim!

Online Santiago

Feck I forgot about the big bush :crazy:

Saw her last year at those same flats near the Royal. Hairy legs. Even hairier bush. Nice enough girl but a relentless joker. Not paying for a comedy show. And the no kissing doesn't add to the experience when you encounter hair everywhere else.

I met her a couple of times in Belfast nr Lisburn Road, alas never again, last punt wasn't enjoyable, got shouted at for arriving 10 minutes early, I texted when parked nearby-- didn't actually just land at the flat!! When getting undressed I was a little nervous and asked down the corridor was all ok as she disappeared for ages and I was starting to feel nervous, again got a doing for that. It was a very cold experience, I apologized for texting 10 minutes early but got a very poor attitude back, was so bad I offered to leave. One of the few I would NEVER go back to, left feeling like a piece of shit. No wonder she has zero on adultwork!

Offline mavgoose

All those visits and no reviews on here......

Just saying.

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