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Author Topic: Roxy GEA - Glasgow [Fake review]  (Read 613 times)

Offline TheJohn

First review, been punting for many years in many countries in Europe.
Usually try the Edinburgh Saunas, or AW in Glasgow or GEA.
Seen Roxy recently and I would have to mark her as a negative because she is not as sexy or attractive as the others I’ve seen from gea. They say she’s 21 and that’s about right. The problem with the photo’s is you can’t see the girls faces, so I’m filling in that piece of the jigsaw for you. No tattoos but bruises on her arms the size of a man’s thumbs. Big recent scare on her hip. 
My problem is I just love to be with beautiful sexy women.

Offline Admin

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Strange for a punter to have an email address with the name Amy. You wouldn't be a prossie slagging off your competition would you? :rolleyes:

Offline Minder

Im not sure im reading to many profiles and stuff,

but while reading the ops post, I felt i was reading it in a polish accent hehehehe  :lol:

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