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Author Topic: Scotland Reviews - Not Good Reading ...  (Read 1083 times)

Offline J_H

I don't mean the quality of the reviews as there are some great ones, also a few that have proabably saved me from experiencing punting grief (if Mamralade was here he could tell us whether there is such a psychosexual conditon!); I mean the ratio of bad to good.

As I'm writing this, out of the top ten most recent reviews, there are 7 Negatives, and 1 Neutral - only 2 positives. Suprisingly only only one of the Negs is of a Romanian.

Offline kink

There are good punts out there despite the relatively high number of neg feedbacks.

I have had several punts this month, all great. Some more books up for next two weeks. Just need to find the girls from the pool. Reviews to follow.

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